Anonymous 09/21/2021 (Tue) 20:28:08 Id: b4a45b No.10162 del
DIG on OSET Institute, Eddie Perez & Philip Stark

While recreating election thread, found a BUNCH of stuff on the OSET institute, Eddie Perez, and Philip Stark - big rabbit hole relating the FOX retraction of stuff Sidney was saying about Smartmatic election fraud.

In Dec 2020, Perez came on Dobbs show to refute Sidney, after Smartmatic threatened to sue Fox. He was supposedly an expert (and neutral) source.
Strange VID - ck it out here:

Previously worked at HartInterCivic before Nov 2018:

Has a coupla patents on voting machine stuff
US8985435B2 and US10438433B2

Turns out Perez is not neutral but pro-Biden:

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