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On Heels of Diebold/Premier Purchase, Canadian eVoting Firm Dominion Also Acquires Sequoia, Lies About Chavez Ties in Announcement
Brad Friedman
06/22/2010 02:17 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017- but don't know what the update is

Very detailed article on Dominion and its acquisition of Diebold/Premier from ES&S (2010) and Sequoia of historic interest. Emphasizes the growing hegemonic influence of Dominion, even in 2010.

One amusing fact: Dominion's spokesman is Chris Riggall.

Most important statment: ‘Intellectual Property’ of voting systems still owned by firm linked to Venezuelan President, despite press statement to the contrary.

PLUS: The election official/e-voting company revolving ‘oversight’ door continues to turn...