Anonymous 11/26/2022 (Sat) 12:33 Id: be9ee5 No.112312 del
New bookend found for Q Red Bus pic near Piccadilly
A UK anon found a video from 24NOV2013 which shows neither the bus stop sign nor the overhead street decorations @ Coventry. The Q pic is from a later date. We know from sauces in December 2013 that the new bus stop sign is seen and appears after that in many sauces. We know also that the overhead street decorations @ Coventry Street must also be in the Q Red Bus pic. The soonest those decorations are seen is 28NOV2013.
This new stop sign sauce firms up the NOT BEFORE bookend for the Red Bus pic at 28NOV2013.
As for the Q Piccadilly Circus pics, we are focusing on the first appearance of the 75% off Sale signs and the small Christmas tree decorations on the Cool Britannia store, neither of which are present yet. There is a 50% Sale sign seen at CB at the end of NOV. The 75% off sale occurred in DEC. No sale signs were seen in a 9DEC sauce, so later than that for the Q pics @ Piccadilly.