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There's a lot to dig on in this PDF. But of particular interest is the UBS and Society page, which describes Taking Part in What Matters.

"What Matters" to UBS AG in China?

UBS has placed great emphasis on the health and prosperity of the communities which we are part of. While we strive to drive the sustainable development of the domestic financial market and economic system in China, UBS Community Affairs program has made long-term investment in education and entrepreneurship, providing targeted financial support and employee volunteering to generate positive impact in the communities in China. Following UBS’s long history of supporting cultural and art activities globally, UBS Securities’ strong participation in the long-term partnership between UBS and the Beijing Music Festival not only promotes the festival as a leading cultural event in China, but also contributes to the country’s ongoing cultural development.

UBS had partnered with a number of social welfare organizations including China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation; Adream Foundation; Beijing Chunmiao Charity Foundation; Shenzhen Tomoroe Education Charity Development Center; the Special Olympics International; China Foundation for Disabled Persons; China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development; World Wide Fund for Nature; Save the Children; Shanghai Soong Ching Ling Foundation and the Hands On Shanghai charity network.

Key projects include pre-school education program for children from Yi community in the national-level
poverty-stricken counties; Shanxingzhe Charity Walking; Adream Center Program, Tomoroe career stories sharing; the Hand in Hand Special School Program; Poverty Alleviation and Disabled Employment Training; Our Future Belongs to the Child-Care for Disabled Children with Music Education; and Together to Build a Green Community

Further, at the past natural disasters, UBS and its employees have provided financial support for the immediate relief and participated in post-disaster reconstruction projects.

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