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So this concludes our study of UBS AG - for now.

Key points so far -
- SIZE: Switzerland's largest bank and Europe's 3rd largest.
- CULTURE: climate-focused, globalist perspective.
- CHINA FOCUS: unique relationship with China/CCP (first bank to own dominant share in a Chinese company)
- DOMINION OWNER: likely owns a major stake (if the $400mil Oct 8 SEC translation with subsidiary UBS Sec LLC NYC went thru)
- DEGREE OF DOMINION INFLUENCE: unknown (because influence depends on (a) how much Dominion is worth and (b) who else has influence and how much.

Other possible stakeholders include:
- Staple Street (with major ties to Cerberus and Carlyle)
- Bohai Harvest (indirectly/informally; see >>11240
- HSBC Canada/HSBC Holdings plc (parent company)

NEXT: we'll take a closer look at HSBC.
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