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(131.51 KB 768x576 blackboxofsaturn.jpg)

Looks like Bon is touching a horizontal Vajra with his right hand?
One end of it with the SWA - stika
SWA means “Self”
So it’s supposed to be a good luck sign appropriated by the dark occultists.
Like they call themselves “illumanati” ?! - must be their little joke

The SWA Sticka represents a spinning vortex, so there, it suggests energy / movement.

Like the suspect for the weapon which turned the Towers to dust; Repulsine; it spins, over water.
Vid of it while Towers were “lathering” is on Tiger.
It was hidden in the art object, named after the Kaaba ,of Mecca - which stood in the center of the Tower’s courtyard.
Notice the cube at Mecca also associates with spinning. The crowd revolves around it.

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