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Case 1:19-cv-02367-ABJ Document 30-5 Filed 11/18/19 Page 4 of 27, Part 1
Mr. Peter P. Strzok II

witnesses and reviewed more than 1.2 million documents, including electronic communications (ECs), interviewed reports (FD-302s), agent notes, communications between and among agents, prosecuters, supervisors, and other officials involved in the Clinton Email investigation, as well as a variety of other written materials. The OIG obtained and reviewed in excess of 100,000 text and instant messages to or from FBI personnel who worked on the investigation. ⁷

During the course of its review, the OIG located more than 40,000 unique text messages between you and GA from June 30, 2016 to May 17, 2017. ⁸ ⁹
Those messges covered a wide range of topics, including routine work-related communications, as well as personal messages which included discussions about your families, medical issues, and daily events, and reflected that you and GA were communicating on your FBI-issued phones as part of an extramarital affair. ¹⁰
Of serious concern was the overtly political tone of many of your text messages related to the 2016 presidential election, including statements expressing hostility for then-candidate Donald Trump and support for then-candidate Hillary Clinton. Even more concerning, certain text messages mixed your political opinions with discussions about the work you were conducting on the Clinton Email and Russia investigations, which raised serious questions about your impartiality and whether your political opinions affected your investigative decisions.

On July 28, 2017, when the Special Cunsel learned of your improper text messaging, you were removed from the Special Counsel's investigation and returned to the FBI.
Your communications with GA received extensive media coverage and caused many political figures, media commentators, and members of the public to harshly criticize the handling of the Clinton Email and Russia investigations by the FBI, DOJ, and the Special Counsel.

Finally, during the course of its investigation, the OIG uncovered evidence that you used a personal email account to conduct official FBI business.