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Mueller witness is convicted pedophile with shadowy past
How did George Nader — Lebanese-American businessman, globe-trotting “fixer,” convicted child molester — get caught up in special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation?
A. George Nader was convicted by Prague’s Municipal Court of 10 cases of sexually abusing minors and sentenced to a one-year prison term in May 2003, court spokeswoman Marketa Puci told The Associated Press on Wednesday. She said the crimes occurred between 1999 and 2002. She said Nader served time in a Prague prison, though it isn’t clear how much. He was then ordered expelled.
In one case, Nader requested oral sex from a 14-year-old boy in a room at the Hilton Hotel in Prague, Puci said. After the boy refused, Nader masturbated in front of him and paid him 2,000 koruna — worth about $100 today, she said.
The verdict cites other examples of Nader providing money, jewelry, cellphones, clothes and accommodation for sexual services. The AP was able to see a copy of the verdict, which gives Nader’s birthdate as May 15, 1959. Nader was separately accused in Washington, D.C., of child pornography infractions in 1985, but those charges were later dropped. A criminal docket sheet obtained by the AP shows the same birthdate for Nader.
Bradley Klapper and Karel Janicek, 15.03.2018, AP
A key witness cooperating with Mueller was convicted of 10 counts of sexually abusing young boys
Staff Writer, December 5, 2019, Sara Carter
A key witness in Mueller Investigation charged with funneling millions to Hillary Clinton campaign

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