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Unity Project launched to stop vax mandates for healthy children in California & beyond

Announcing The Unity Project
I am proud to be serving as the Chief of Ethics for this project, launched last week, to stop Covid Vaccine Mandates for Healthy Children in California and beyond

The Unity Project launched last week. The organization will coordinate and amplify the work of many new grassroots movements throughout California and beyond working to defeat Covid-19 vaccine mandates for healthy K-12 students. I encourage any of you interested in this issue to sign up for the mailing list.

I am honored to join the Project’s impressive Strategic Advisory Council of physicians and scientists, which includes, among other luminaries, my friends and colleagues:

Peter McCullough, Robert Malone, Paul Alexander, Pierre Kory, Tess Lawrie, Aditi Bhargava, and Harvey Risch.

I also join Dr. Alexander and Dr. Malone on the Executive Team, serving as the Project’s Chief of Ethics.