Anonymous 01/16/2023 (Mon) 17:32 Id: 5f00fa No.116406 del
IF you could theoretically have any say in matters in which your country was run, and could be granted three personal choices to change law or regulate domestic policy (economic, political or social) what three changes would you like to see most in your country? I'll list my three wishes to give an example:

1. All politicians and governmental employees must be natural-born citizens who have a record of paying taxes. This would mitigate foreign influence which leads to a lot of corruption we see today.

2. All laws, rules and regulations MUST be passed into law through Congress and the President, no more "executive orders" or bureaucrats creating laws, rules and regulations out of thin air! Every single law, rule and regulation would need to be voted on and passed into law by our representatives. No more governance by fiat.

3. A return to sound monetary policy by recognizing silver and gold as a legal tender (with or without fiat money in circulation): the right of the people to buy, sell, barter or trade using physical precious metals. This would allow people to escape inflation while giving them access to a much more fair free market system outside the control of central banking/central planning monopolist oligarchs.