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Mr. Somers. As I understand it from reading the IGG’s 3 report, you were involved in Crossfire Hurricane from the 4 inception; is that correct? 5 Mr. Moffa. It’s hard to define what that exactly 6 means, but I was aware of it and I was staffing it with my 7 analytic teams from the beginning. 8 Mr. Somers. From the beginning. The IG report 9 indicates that from July -- this is on page 52, for10 instance; I’m sure this appears more than once in the IGG’s11 report. From July 28th to July 31st of 2016, officials of12 the FBI headquarters discussed the friendly foreign13 government information and whether it warranted opening a14 counterintelligence investigation.15 My understanding from the IG report is you were16 involved in those discussions in that time period; is that17 correct?18 Mr. Moffa. I was present for the discussions.19 Mr. Somers. How did you become aware of this friendly20 foreign government information?21 Mr. Moffa. I received it via email along with a few22 others from the division. It literally came to me in my23 email.24 Mr. Somers. The information that you got, is that25 like -- I don't know how familiar -- you were certainly
familiar with it at some point in time. But there’s the 2 opening EC in the Crossfire Hurricane investigation that’s 3 been declassified. And it largely seems to be to me -- you 4 can recharacterize what I’m saying, but from my read of it - 5 - it largely is an email embedded within an opening 6 communication. 7 Is that what you received, an email basically with the 8 factual scenario from the friendly foreign government? 9 Mr. Moffa. That’s right. I received an email that10 contained essentially that reporting, which then served as11 the basis for the opening of the case, that’s right.12 Mr. Somers. Do you recall who sent you that email?13 Mr. Moffa. I received it from --14. If you have to give names --15 Mr. Moffa. No, this was a section chief name. Charles16 McGonigal, who was in the division at the time.17 Mr. Somers. I’m sorry. He was where?18 Mr. Moffa. He was a section chief within19 Counterintelligence Division, on the operational side.20 Mr. Somers. Do you know where he got it from?21 Mr. Moffa. I believe -- I don't know. I couldn’t22 speculate without looking at the chain of emails.23 Mr. Somers. Did his responsibilities include Russia?24 Mr. Moffa. I also couldn’t speculate to that. I25 believe he ran our cyber coordination section, and I don't