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>Charles16 McGonigal, who was in the division at the time.17 Mr. Somer

know if they had Russian responsibilities or not. 2 Mr. Somers. Do you recall sort of the lead-in? Like, 3 Hey, we got this information? Why were you being -- do you 4 recall why you were being alerted to this information? 5 Mr. Moffa. It would make sense to come to me, again, 6 because I’m in charge of the Russian counterintelligence 7 analysis program and it dealt with the Russian threat. He 8 sent it to essentially the ops and intel halves of that 9 equation, the operational counterpart, Steve Laycock, and10 me. That’s my recollection.11 Mr. Somers. Do you recall if Pete Strzok was on that12 initial email?13 Mr. Moffa. I don't recall that.14 Mr. Somers. You don’t recall whether he was?15 Mr. Moffa. I don't recall.16 Mr. Somers. How did it then broaden out, to the best17 of your recollection, from coming to you and Steve Laycock,18 and then it obviously broadened out? From the IG report,19 there were numerous people involved in those discussions20 over that three or four-day window there.21 Do you recall how --22 Mr. Moffa. I don't recall specifically. I know I23 forwarded it up my chain of command. I don’t remember who I24 sent it to specifically.25 Mr. Somers. Were there meetings over that four-day
window, July 28th to July 31st? 2 Mr. Moffa. Again, I couldn’t tell you specifically how 3 many or what day. But I recall being part of the 4 conversations about that email and what it contained over 5 generally that period. 6 Mr. Somers. What generally were those conversations? 7 Mr. Moffa. The conversations, although I have to 8 clarify -- they’re not asking my opinion as the analyst 9 manager necessarily. But I was around conversations about10 whether to open a case, how to open a case, and how to11 proceed with that information going forward.12 Mr. Somers. What’s your -- ultimately, obviously, a13 case is decided to be opened. It’s opened on July 31st. I14 think the IG report indicates that you had some input on the15 -- or if not, we have emails that indicate you had some16 input on the opening of the EC. Do you recall what your17 input was?18 Mr. Moffa. I don't recall that.19 Mr. Somers. Do you recall having input on the actual20 document?21 Mr. Moffa. No, I don't recall that.22 Mr. Baker. Who picked the codename of the case?23 Mr. Moffa. Who picked the codename? I don't recall24 that either.