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they did autopsy especially, and always, if the cause of death was unknown or obscure.
Now they use the excuse "too much money"
It's a forensic issue in police work; maybe FBI would prefer police work on murders was ended?
Just as no more prosecutions for murder in NYC?
Just as with no more exit polls on elections day (which has turned into "election months" rather than a day - not sus at all /s/)
Think of Breitbart. were'nt there two autopsies? Second was falsified also; but assistant medical examiner spoke out?
They use / or used to use, the data they find at the autopsy, when writing up the death certificate i.e. cause of death; if they don't do the autopsy, they just guess.
document is only as good as the person who's writing it, their info, care and honesty?
Just because something is in writing, with a signature on it, does that make it true?
Just because somethings on NPR, does that make it true?
News networks in general?

If "everyone" believes something which is false, does that make it true; The fallacy of Fake News?
It may seem silly to very well-educated people, who certain of the expertise and superiority, and who take many things for granted, based upon the authorities whom them respect, but you must check your premises, otherwise all your work reduces to zip.
cf. recent admission by Scott Adams. discusses problem solving and heuristic method which he implies brought the deplorables to the correct answer in regard to injection (heuristic method is considered inferior - but will get you to the correct answer, if you have the right premise.) However, if your premises are incorrect you are fuked, when tryng to solve a problem
Many genealogy records are falsified, especially if you go back to the middle ages.

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