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"Can we all agree that was the winning path" "as clearly as possible that they are the winning"
The anti -vaxxers came out the best.
some shills claim he was being sarcastic.
"You should take victory. And I should take defeat.. and we can just say that's true"
"You Won. Let me say that part with no ambiguity

It may seem silly to very well-educated people, who are certain of their expertise and superiority, yet who take many things "for granted" (premises), often based upon the authorities whom them respect? However, you must check your premises, otherwise all your work reduces to zip.
cf. recent admission by Scott Adams. mentions problem solving methods, His analytic method lost. our heuristic method (as he sees it, without reading all the arguments) won.

Heuristic method he implies brought the deplorables to the correct answer in regard to injection.
anon'd upload but doubt mp3's can be uploaded here?
Now Trump POTUS has his own 'in the Garden' image to compete with Barry's official portrait?