Anonymous 01/25/2023 (Wed) 19:27 Id: e32703 No.118710 del
Anon Boiled lemons, limes, (chopped whole) about a gram of licorice, about a gram of seasme seeds,

About a gram of ginger,

And a large root of gin seng.

Make a large pot, drink a cup of tea. Use any time as a booster. Freeze it, pull it, out as soup with dinner one day, tastes wonderful!

Energy tea high amounts of b12.

This isn't medical advice, just cured pneumonia and bronchial disease and covid, that I almost died from. While they were experimenting with innoculating me, my whole life.

When Sars covi-2 hit I experimented with adding chilli peppers, jalapeƱo, and this last time with Japanese Wasabi.

Applied the infuenza technic, Fight fire with fire.

I have been sprayed in public w/ partical aerosol twice by dark operators, there's cctv footage of this happening to me. Once it was in a movie theater and, they failed, so [they] sent out an other hit squad, the day after when I was grocery store. I was aerosol attacked shopping. This was before 2019.

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