Anonymous 01/29/2023 (Sun) 02:27 Id: 4c67f2 No.118977 del
>>117782 Matt Gaetz (R-FL) has introduced a Bill in the House to abolish the BATF
>>117783 Senate Revisions to the House-passed Amendments to the Constitution, September 9, 1789; Ensuring Essential Freedoms
>>117785 Julian Assange and the US Government's War on Whistleblowers (video)
>>117786 Hungary military purge? 170 generals and officers 'relieved of their duties'
>>117791 The Twitter Files: Forgiato Blow - Topic (video)
>>117807 Egg smuggling cases double at US-Mexico border as prices skyrocket
>>117821 Trump unloads on corrupt FBI agent for taking Russian Oligarch Money
>>117831 A map that shows California Mass shootings that happened in the past three days
>>117836 Mike Pompeo: Adam Schiff told this story knowing it was false (link)
>>117842 Schiffty tweeting for the gun grabbers
>>117852 FDA to propose yearly COVID vaccines like annual flu shots for Americans
>>117859 How George Soros co-opts the Media and keeps criticism down
>>117883 The SEC today announced settled charges against Bloomberg Finance L.P. (Bloomberg) for misleading disclosures relating to its paid subscription service, BVAL
>>117892 UN Regulator At WEF Warns Elon Musk: Regulate speech or find out...
>>117896 Huge flocks of crows over Kiev "Harbingers of trouble" / end times
>>117911, >>117929, >>118037 Trump? and ex-Philly mob boss ‘Skinny Joey’ pose for pics at Florida resort

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