Anonymous 03/07/2023 (Tue) 03:40 Id: 2965c4 No.122294 del
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David Pakman Show
A 40 year old that communicates only in adjectives...

in less than 24 seconds...
"sexual assault" "dangerous" "unhinged" "deplorable"
in under 15 min...
"scariest" "delusional" "fact-checked "swollen" "right eye-swollen" "two Castro like hrs in length" "glitchy" "speech impediment" "straights" "spates" "dishonest" "lies" "disgusting" "chippy" "dirty" "civil war friendly fire" "bemoaning" "the moment Trumps sanity is most questioned"
Trumps talks about Biden moving the border wall construction material and Mr. Pac-Man can't for the life of him figure out what he is talking about.
"Hitler's mothers cross" "weird" "mishmash" " verbal inkblot test" "of sorts" "deranged speech" "tents cities are camps of sorts"
Mr. Pac-Man mocks Trump's comment on people crossing the border are from mental institutions, and reminds audience of Silence of the Lambs. Obviously Mr. Adjective has never seen Mexican gore porn.
"dictatorial" "40 other moments that were almost dictatorial" "scary dystopian stuff" "word salad" "ultimate victim" "Trump tells hundreds of lies" "delusional" "dangerous" "authoritarian"

Probably will see other influencer's picking up on Pac-Mans choice adjectives to disparage Trump...