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>>122217 Ohio Republican Calls On Sherrod Brown To Return Norfolk Southern Money
>>122218 @CodeMonkeyZ - Kari Lake’s SC lawsuit claims that MCTEC sent 263,379 ballots to Runbeck
>>122219 Peer-reviewed scientific literature: “The mRNA vaccines are neither safe nor effective, but outright dangerous”
>>122220 Censorship ALERT: Google to de-list entire websites that link CLOTS to the SHOTS
>>122221 UK GOV. confirms Unvaccinated had lowest Mortality Rate per 100k in 2022
>>122225 Qagg download for HDD/USB
>>122231 “The Greatest Perpetrator of Misinformation During the Pandemic has been the United States Government”
>>122232 Trudeau Foundation to return $200k donation potentially linked to Chinese Communist Party
>>122233 Vaccinologist Analyzes Pfizer’s 6-Mon Trial Update: More Harm Than Good -Dr. Byram Bridle
>>122236, >>122237 Massive police response after protesters clash with police Atlanta’s Future Public Safety Training Facility
>>122240, >>122244, >>122245, >>122246, >>122247, >>122282 CNN(inadvertently?)resurrects gruesome skeleton from Merrick Garland's closet...
>>122253, >>122255, >>122257, >>122258, >>122259, >>122260, >>122261, >>122262, >>122263 The Swamp Today, Monday, March 6, 2023
>>122254 Steve Hilton "We need to hold Anthony Fauci accountable"
>>122267 Hancock demanded immunity on care home deaths insisting he ‘didn’t break the law’

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