Anonymous 03/17/2023 (Fri) 18:41 Id: bf0a07 No.123059 del
Best be liquidating some of your savings into hard assets (not stocks or bonds hurrr durrr) if you already have not done so. If you have one bank account best set up a few more and diversify some of the money you have into several different banks too. More are going to go under, with endless bailouts, until they crash the entire financial system via hyperinflation consequences.

By the way, Saudia Arabia just joined the BRICS+ nations. They are going to be trading oil OUTSIDE the US Dollar for the first time in decades, since 1974... End of the petrodollar. Three biggest oil producers are all in on ending it: Russia, Iran and now Saudi Arabia. Saudis and Iranians made a recent peace pack too. Jews are pissed about that lol.