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From the Department of Timelines Are Fun

>QR 2018
A new company moves into an office highrise downtown using skilled people poached from another company.
The product is groundbreaking and everyone is buzzing about it.
>QR 2019
The company now has all kinds of employees running around and its own culture has emerged.
The products it produces continues to be amazing and everyone has at least heard of them by now.
>QR 2020
Frictions develop in the company as departments begin to fight with each other.
The year ends with the CEO in a scandal (wrongfully accused but still railroaded) and Covid has sent many to WFH status.
>QR 2021
With the CEO issues in limbo, many employees quit while others still come to work but mostly just lurk around.
The new releases of the products are not forthcoming and the public begins to tune the press releases out.
A powerful department that controls security (who gets in / who gets out) starts raising the eyebrows of the Office High Rise owner that's leasing the space out.
>QR 2022
The landlord has had enough and boots out the Security Department heads and replaces them with new ones.

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