Anonymous 04/16/2023 (Sun) 06:28 Id: 0015eb No.126351 del
>>125730, >>125737, >>125749, >>125752 >>125753, >>125899, Breaking - Pentagon dealing with security leak of Ukraine war plans
>>125736 @GeraldoRivera- "Like the old Stones’ song, I have Sympathy for the Devil"
>>125740, >>125747, >>125793, >>125900 SHERIFF: Woman, 19, Had ‘Extremely Graphic’ Sex In Social Media Video So Disturbing Cops Are Banned From Even Discussing It
>>125744 @ChuckGrassley - Sunrise, sunset: beauty of Butler County, Iowa
>>125767 Congress, pass the assault weapons ban
>>125783, >>125792 Pentagon is trying to get Twitter to remove posts that contain classified documents about the war in Ukraine
>>125797, >>125799 Mike Lindell - Missouri county goes machine free in their election
>>125810 Dr. Shiva Ayyaduria Blasts Musk, Conservative Influencers As ‘Controlled Opposition’ In Fight For Free Speech
>>125811 @DanScavino - Video of Trump
>>125812 Dr.SHIVA: Tells Steve Bannon that Elon Musk is a GOVERNMENT FRONTMAN
>>125815 Dr. Peter McCullough – “This Spike Protein is a Killer”
>>125817 SHOWDOWN: Alvin Bragg Slams Jim Jordan Over Subpoena For Ex-Prosecutor and Hillary Clinton Lawyer Mark Pomerantz
>>125825 The tolerant left wants Tennessee to burn to the ground
>>125838 Based Father DESTROYS School Board
>>125850 Video - Mass Media Mindcontrol OP
>>125904 Dr. David Martin - 3.5 BILLION could be injured or killed by the jab

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