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>>126355, >>126400, >>126401, >>126403 UF Health Erasing Differences Between Male and Female in Lab Test Results for “Inclusivity”
>>126357 Eliot Higgens founder of Bellingcat, the open-source investigative group funded by Soros Open Society Foundation
>>126360 Ontario doctors were paid an additional $13 bucks to administer the CV-19 shot
>>126361 The entire board of directors for the Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation jointly resigned, citing ‘outside politicization
>>126362 Stanford Professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya says the US government censored medical scientists
>>126365 FDA Backtracks During Trial and now claims ‘Not Taking Ivermectin for COVID-19’ was a recommendation
>>126370 In 2019, Amy Robach exposed how ABC News refused to publish her explosive Jeffrey Epstein exposé
>>126371 Fake News CNN Dr. Admits They Lied About Ivermectin, Tries To Cover It Up
>>126372 How 4 Calls on Animal Ivermectin Launched a False FDA-Media Attack on a Life-Saving Human Medicine
>>126373 Is Ivermectin antifungal?
>>126374 Former Planned Parenthood Director Commits Suicide After Police Raid His Home in Child Porn Case
>>126375 The Great COVID-19 Vaccine Bribe
"COVID-19 vaccine provider incentive program"
>>126377 CNN - Dr. Sanjay Gupta goes one-on-one wide-eyed believe me look with podcaster Joe Rogan

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