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Bakery facing threats and harassment over leaked convoy donation

Employees at a Burlington, Ontario bakery are being harassed online and at their place of business after it was revealed that one of the owners donated to the Freedom Convoy fundraiser.

In an interview with True North, Kelly’s Bake Shoppe co-owners Erinn Weatherbie and Kelly Childs stood by their $1,000 donation but say they are dismayed by the harassment they are now receiving from angry members of the public.

Weatherbie and Childs told True North about one such encounter, where a middle-aged man confronted their all-female staff over the donation at 6:15 pm on Tuesday evening.

“A man entered the bake shop and waited in line as if he was going to place an order. When one of our staff members had a chance to help him out and welcome him to the shop, he basically aggressively responded to them,” said Weatherbie.

“He said ‘Did you donate $1,000 to the trucker convoy? Do you support traitors? It’s all over social media. Were your staff involved in donating?’ He was very aggressive, and he also kept one of his hands in his pocket the whole time.