Anonymous 10/17/2022 (Mon) 11:41 Id: be9ee5 No.55399 del
When looking for open source pics and vids to help nail down the date of the Q pic we sometimes find errors in the stated ‘taken on’ date. But we can still pluck coals from the fire to help us even in such cases. Here is a Piccadilly Circus pic from Flickr allegedly from 29DEC2013. I beg to differ. The date cannot be true because the ‘Snow Globe’ erected around the Eros statue was destroyed by a storm with high winds which caused the deflation of the air-inflated globe six days prior on 23DEC2013. We just happened to know that fact from prior digging on the weather that holiday season in the hopes we could eliminate some bad weather days for the Q pics.
Now, knowing said pic is not from the date stated, we can look for other known markers from the Q pics such as small evergreen tree decorations on the Cool Brittania store front and those red 75% Off Holiday Sale signs in the store front windows of said store.
First, about the posted Flickr pic. Says taken on 29DEC. It’s likely this is an unintentional error and that it was merely posted on that date. Not taken.
In some sites the submission date is auromatically filled like a time stamp.
Now, about those window decorations at Cool Britannia. Those window flower boxes are used year-round with seasonal variations. This Flickr pic’s window DECORATIONS DON’T MATCH THE Q PIC because they are short and squared like square-trimmed boxwood hedges. We can use that. And, the store front windows lack those 75% Off Sale signs seen in the Q Piccadilly pics. We can use that.
The Flickr pic was taken before 23DEC because of the snow globe. Changing gears, but using the ssme markers, we happen to have found a Ytube vid ‘taken’ on 9DEC which also lacks both the holiday evergreens and the 75% Off Sale signs. This means the Q Piccadilly pics are definitely AFTER this 9DEC2013 vid just on the evergreen decorations alone. But the 75% Off Holiday Sale signs at Cool Britannia store point to the Q pics being much later in that holiday season.



Still looking for a sauce closer to Christmas that narrows when those evergreen Christmas decorations were put up on the Cool Britannia store. Ditto for the red Holiday Sale signs.