Anonymous 03/04/2021 (Thu) 05:40:14 Id: 1c1c70 No.6520 del
(454.66 KB 626x610 Marley-ghost-bake.png)
if you wanna baker later:

Baking is pretty much the same on end as it is on 8.

Please use same General image for each bread, don't go crazy on me coz of "qanon", we got other fish to fry.

Bread length = 200 for now, can adjust to avoid 'wall of text' notes.

Unless they fixed it, breads will go FOREVER until locked. Bakers can bake @200 and ask anons not to post further, BO (me) will lock it.

Bread #16 was 900+ posts before it was baked (first BO left when 8 came online 15 mos ago).

Best thing about end, kek.

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