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Ferguson Activists Demand BLM Give Them $20 Million of Its $90 Million 2020 Take

Ferguson activists demanded $20 million from Black Lives Matter and said the organization did not provide enough aid to local activist groups in Ferguson, Missouri and other places around the country where racial justice protests occurred.

“Today, we hold Black Lives Matter accountable,” said Tory Russell in a video posted to twitter. Russell is a self-described “frontline organizer” and “freedom fighter” from Ferguson, the place where protests erupted following the 2014 death of Michael Brown by the hands of police.

“What kind of movement are we building when we say ‘black lives matter’ but the freedom fighters and the families are being left behind,” Russell said in a video in which he appeared alongside Michael Brown’s father.

“Where is our restitution?” the activist continued. “We’re not begging for a handout, we’re coming for what we deserve.”

The video was in response to news that BLM earned $90 million last year. Michael Brown Sr., only received $500 from BLM, according to Yahoo News.