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“There is a real contradiction between what governments are saying they are doing to do [to generate a green recovery], and what they are doing,” Le Quéré told the Guardian, calling the phenomenon “very worrisome.”

Her co-researcher Glen Peters was more explicit in what latitude countries should have to move away from fossil fuels on their own time, calling for “structural changes” to move economies toward renewable energy.

Some on social media, seeing the “quiet part” said out loud on the first edition of the Guardian article, had an “I told you so” moment. The threat of ‘climate lockdowns’ has been alternately presented and “debunked” by mainstream media for months.

Two years on, one year off. Sounds great...especially for the tens of millions in the developing world who will starve during the mass famines to follow. As long as Uber Eats keeps showing up at the door, who cares, right?

— Adam Locke (@AdamLocke76) March 3, 2021
…others at first assumed it had to be satire, because no one would post something that on-the-nose –

I thought that was a Babylon Bee article

— The Casual End (@TheShagsworth) March 3, 2021
…except maybe for the World Economic Forum, which actually posted in praise of what lockdowns had done to cities – presumably turned them into uninhabitable hives of snitches where one can’t even take in a Broadway show anymore – earlier this week, before removing its tweet under public pressure.

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