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(729.55 KB 3364x1538 mnr notes #296.png)
there are bits and pieces of bracket analysis around, probably both in /qresearch/ and /mnr/ but i didn't do the dig so i dunno what's what.
Here's the last baked bread from /mnr/, you can see some of the bracket compilations there.
Would be good to see what's left.

Last /mnr/ notes are capped here for easy checking on that end. Here's the qbin for mnr bread #297:
only 44 posts in new bread, mostly shitposts so not much to collect there.

this board is for all anons from any q board on 8.
Last bread, posted last notes from /qr/, here are the last notes from /mnr/.
We are all anons with the same goal: defeat the DS.