Anonymous 10/27/2022 (Thu) 15:52 Id: be9ee5 No.70769 del
Hey anons, I noticed another marker for NYE at the Embankment on HISPANIOLA that seems worthy of a dig.
I noticed a couple of things about HISP that changed or seemed to change. In one of the NYE Flickr photos we looked at in the last bred on kun, the propane space heaters normally seen on the foredeck seating area are definitely NOT there. I think they realized they would not be using that area for dining anyway due to the cold weather. They also probly wanted to have the area as a viewing area for the fireworks and so cleared the foredeck for unobstructed views. We can use that change to look for sauces prior in case they removed the heaters a day or so earlier. Just an idea.
Another thing I noticed is that there is a planter at the prow. It is seen in the Chadwick pic on 22DEC2013 with what appears a kind of sago palm in it. Keep in mind the terrible stormy weather they had on the evenings of 23DEC that destroyed the snow globe in Piccadilly, it seems the palm looks a bit denuded and worst for wear. Less leafy fronds than in the 22DEC Chadwick pic. Now look at ROT1 and see how difficult it is to make out the fronds of that palm. Some other details are visible, such as thin deck railings, so I am wondering why I can’t make out any fronds on the palm. So... it’s a grainy pic but do you think we might have a possible marker there? Possible ROT1 taken after that storm on 23DEC?