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“Making South Africa’s National Development Plan a reality” – Anglo American Article
Part One
18 Jul, 2014

In August 2012, the South African government launched its first National Development Plan (NDP). Developed with the South African people at its heart, the NDP takes into consideration the inputs and perspectives of thousands of individuals, communities, businesses, government and more. From this collective feedback came a clear direction for the country and a range of goals that aim to create an improved, positive and sustainable future for the South African people.

The two key objectives of the NDP have been identified as the elimination of poverty and the reduction of inequality by 2030.

The National Planning Commission – the body responsible for the NDP – has been clear that this bold ambition will only be achieved through collaboration and shared responsibility. As such, the NDP makes recommendations on the role different sectors of society – including that of big business – need to play.

No one person, organisation or institution will deliver this transformation alone but as one of the biggest private companies in South Africa, and one of the largest mining companies in the world, Anglo American recognises that it has an important part to play.

The mining industry has been, and remains, integral to South Africa’s economic development – accounting for approximately 17 percent of GDP in 2012. However, the impact of the industry, and Anglo American in particular, goes far beyond GDP.