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“FULL SPEECH: Former president Jacob Zuma's address” – “Gloves are off” [Worth Watching] – Part 1 [Embed]
Below are excerpts

Former president Jacob Zuma spoke on various issues including the allegations against President Cyril Ramaphosa, his relationship with Chief Justice Raymond Zondo and the commission of inquiry into state capture.

2:59 – “Therefore while I am relieved about the ending of my prison sentence, I still remain exposed to the injustice visited upon me by the justice system of this country. When we fought to liberate this country from the unjust laws of Apartheid, we did not know those who supported and defended Apartheid would infiltrate the justice system to continue the agenda of their colonial ancestors against the leaders of the people. People have, in recent years, been blinded by the fact that we now have democracy and democratically elected black governments from seeing that are elected governments are still expected to serve the commercial interests of colonial powers ahead of those of the people who elect them.

7:26 – “My imprisonment came as part of a long campaign aimed at removing me as president and punishing me for having not been a darling of the commercial interests that seek to profit at the expense of our poor people.

9:00 – “I know, I’m correct in my resolve to fight such injustices and the abuse of power. If I should be imprisoned for these beliefs, so be it.”

11:02 – “I must say, it remains a shock that a democratic state arrest and imprison his own system without a trial. [Referring to himself]… This action made me to remember the old Apartheid days where people were arrested and kept in prison without a trial.

13:21 – “The irony is that during my 90 day detention [in 1963], I was arrested for fighting for my rights. In the democratic South Africa, I was imprisoned without a trial for defending my rights which is enshrined in the Constitution. What a coincidence.

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