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“Democratic Alliance Launches Legal action Against Zuma's Benefactor Louis Liebenberg for Alleged Racist Rant” – Naspers
Wednesday, October 19, 2022 at 12:52 PM

• The Democratic Alliance wants controversial diamond dealer Louis Liebenberg to be held accountable for his alleged racist rant
• The political organisation says it will approach the Equality Court after leaked audio linked to Liebenberg went viral
• Some South Africans stated that Liebenberg could not deny that the voice on these recordings is his

JOHANNESBURG - The Democratic Alliance [funded by Naspers] is preparing to take diamond dealer and Jacob Zuma benefactor Louis Liebenberg to court for his alleged racist rant.

The party has been trying to nail Liebenberg for his alleged racist behaviour after a video of the diamond dealer crudely imitating President Cyril Ramaphosa and even saying that being black gives you the licence to be corrupt surfaced.

The DA reported Liebenberg to the Human Rights Commission; however, the commission found that his conduct did not meet the requirements for hate speech.

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