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“The long con: The Daily Maverick’s [Serbian] ’mafiaBrkic’ connections and currencies” – Part 3
November 15, 2021

Marcus Steyn – Gupta Lieutenant

Brkic’s co-director in the imploded Maverick Magazine business, Business Century Publishing (Pty) Limited was none other than Marcus Steyn, the now infamous Gupta Lieutenant who also sat on the board of Gupta company Sahara Holdings, along with Duduzane Zuma, Atul and Anil Gupta and another Gupta lieutenant Ashu Chawla. Jointly, they have all been accused of criminal capture of the State and wholesale looting of State-owned entities, to the tune of more than R500 billion.

Co-founder, Stylianos Charalambous

The Daily Maverick co-founder, Charalambous‘ business links include infamous names such as Varejes and Stemmet, both of whom are closely linked to underworld characters Glenn Agliotti and corrupt (now deceased) ex-chief of police Jackie Selebi.

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