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BRANKO BRKIC – Editor-in-Chief of Daily Maverick Biography

Branko Brkic is Editor-in-Chief of Daily Maverick.

Branko started his career by publishing science fiction books in 1984, in what was then Yugoslavia. In the following seven years he went from a project-based book publisher to starting what became Yugoslavia’s biggest privately-owned publishing house. He published in total 62 books, among them The complete works of William Shakespeare, Complete Greek Tragedies and Miroslav’s Gospel, the Serbian nation’s holiest book. He arrived to South Africa in 1991 where he started off in the reproduction business before working his way back to publishing, this time in magazines. In 1998 he launched Timbila, the South African National Parks magazine. In 2001 he launched Brainstorm, the magazine which still dominates the South African IT scene. In 2003 he left ITWeb to pursue other interests and in 2005 he launched the iconic Maverick magazine. In November 2007 he launched his fourth and final magazine, Empire, a media, arts and culture magazine. After Maverick and Empire folded in 2008, in late 2009 he launched Daily Maverick.