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“The wrong guy: why Paul O’Sullivan won't back down” – “One of his [Paul’s] students in the late 1990s was a reservist called Cyril Ramaphosa” – Part 2
01 April 2018 - 00:00

O'Sullivan's move to South Africa happened in stages. He visited Johannesburg to buy property in 1986, and began spending summers here with his wife and children.

The release of Nelson Mandela in 1990 swayed him, and he applied for permanent residence that year, as a person of independent means. "I brought in a few million pounds and started getting involved in business."But soon his work took a public turn: he became a police reservist, and in 1996 began training police officers and reservists on the Bill of Rights in the new constitution. One of his students in the late 1990s was a reservist called Cyril Ramaphosa, then a rising tycoon with an interest in community policing. Ramaphosa topped the class.

So he set up a war room in his Bedfordview home and burrowed deep into the Selebi network, feeding his information to the Scorpions, then the elite crime-fighting agency. The Scorpions distrusted him - almost everybody in power did, not least President Thabo Mbeki, who considered him a British spy - but the sources and statements that O'Sullivan supplied were consistently credible. His work stood up in court.

Long story short: Selebi fell. Then Krejcir fell. Another of O'Sullivan's adversaries, the former police commissioner Khomotso Phahlane, now facing charges of corruption, may or may not fall.

Take note…

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