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QR Bunker General #192: AOC Being AOC Trans Edition Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:01 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No. 67679
Welcome To The QR Bunker

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men are created equal; that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

We are researchers who deal in open-source information, reasoned argument, and dank memes. We do battle in the sphere of ideas and ideas only. We neither need nor condone the use of force in our work here.
README FIRST, THEN PROCEED TO LURK: https://8kun.top/qresearch/welcome.html

To all anons
This board was born during the 8chan QResearch 93 day hiatus from Aug 5 - Nov 2 2019. Dough was revised in Jan 2021. Anons from any Q platform are welcome here.
PLEASE NOTE: This is a free speech board. For our purposes here, free speech excludes illegal content, spam, hardcore p orn, gore, or personal attacks.
Thank for understanding.

Q's Latest Posts
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[not recorded here because this is a backup board for use mainly when 8kun is down (and Q is not posting)]

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All Q's posts, archived here --- qanon.app (qanon.pub) , qmap.pub, qalerts.pub

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:04 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No.67683 del
Global Notables
>>31161 How to Report CP new; >>9045, >>9049 How to report shill posts
>>30161 Baking tips for endchan; >>6559 Text formatting in endchan
>>5685 Purpose: BU board if 8kun goes down or place to post graphics/vids >>9886
NOTICE TO SHILLS: muh joos, muh girl, spam, anti-boomer & other BS will be DELETED

Notables are not endorsements

>>67319, >>67333 80 ded doctors and counting in Canada
>>67383, >>67409, >>67424 Dan...Red Wave
>>67422 mini organs created hospital lab
>>67429, >>67446 Major Gen. Edward Lansdale, Gold Warriors-How America Secretly Recovered Yamashita’s Gold pdf
>>67430 UAE sends $100 in humanitarian aid to Ukraine
>>67434 Iran arrests 10 Israeli agents???
>>67441 Fetterman, Oz set to square off Tuesday in sole U.S. Senate debate
>>67453 Biden targets Nicaragua’s gold in new move against Ortega
>>67456 Anderson Cooper gets ambushed in CNN lobby: ‘Get the f–k away from me!’
>>67458 Signal is a CIA op...and always has been.
>>67467 Megyn Kelly reveals sister died suddenly: ‘Spare a prayer for my mom”
>>67517 MAJOR VICTORY 🚨 Today, a judge ruled New York City’s vaccine mandate for city workers is unconstitutional!
>>67536, >>67568 OPFOR: from a hit in the DoS FOIA reading room.
>>67539 Israel Summons Envoy after Mexico City Embassy Defaced with ‘Death to Israel’.
>>67544 MP4's
>>67555 Sen. Rubio Canvasser Reportedly Attacked
>>67559 Ocasio-Cortez Pushes Trans Agenda At UC Irvine Rally
>>67572 Ivanka Trump enjoys THREE-HOUR dinner with Kim Kardashian
>>67603 NASA announces unidentified aerial phenomena study team
>>67617 Beanz thread on Missouri v Biden on misinfo, disinfo
>>67625 SAM064 C-40B WH NSO that arrived at Bangor last night departed SW-see linky for it's unknown whereabouts for about 5.5 days
>>67639 'Tater is getting his booster tomorrow. ‘I Could Drop Dead Tomorrow’
>>67641 Japan economy minister steps down over ties with Unification Church
>>67680 #191

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:04 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No.67685 del
>>66577, >>66584, >>66592, >>66600 @realDonaldTrump Murkowsky vs. Murkowski
>>66578 17 Out-of-Place Artifacts That Suggest High-Tech Civilizations Existed Thousands—or Millions—of Years Ago
>>66593 PF CONUS Activity
>>66594 stem cell anti-aging packages
>>66597 Pro-abortion atheist running for Catholic school board trustee in Canada
>>66602 Ex-Minneapolis cop pleads guilty in George Floyd killing
>>66604, >>66614, >>66670 PP spends BIG in Maine elections
>>66612 Solutions Health names new CEO, Honorable Clifford R. Kinghorn
>>66616 SAM382 G5 SW from JBA, coupla refueling exercises going on: HOTRD88 hooking up with QUIT360 KC-135 tanker and LIFT01 C-17 wif TOPCT4 KC-135
>>66619 Biocon founder Kiran Maxumdar passed away
>>66621 Superfeed Tech digz/parent company of Feedme, which Kary Lake has listed on her financial disclosures/whitewater
>>66622 Housing October 24th Weekly Update: Inventory Increased, New High for 2022
>>66624 Democrat congressman urges US to develop central bank digital currency
>>66629 ICYMI: Pandora Papers > Ukraine
>>66635 US PMIs Plunge Into 'Contraction' In Early October, New Orders Weakest Since COVID Lockdowns
>>66658 UK Prosecutors Implicate 11 Glencore Employees in Bribery Probe
>>66662, >>67182 Police: 3 killed in shooting at St. Louis high school
>>66664, >>66688 US Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Chris Wray to Hold Press Conference on ‘Significant National Security Cases’ Two Weeks Out From Midterm Elections
>>66677, >>66680 Sept.- polygamist Samuel Bateman is being charged with deleting Signal messages
>>66678, >>67155 The subpoena for POTUS specifically asks for his Signal messages
>>66683 Seattle Public Schools sees 853% increase in ‘non-binary’ students since 2019
>>66685 Texas Natural Gas Drops Toward Zero as Output Swamps Pipelines
>>67122 Barges On Drought-Stricken Mississippi River "Dead In The Water", Causing Severe Supply Chain Issues
>>67136 PF CONUS Update
>>67148 NOW: The 'Taters Host a Reception to Celebrate Diwali
>>67171 The Fed’s Trading Scandal Broadens into a Scandal with the Mega Banks It “Regulates”
>>67205, >>67238 Caught what appears to be CVN-77 George H.W. Bush between Italy and Bosnia, restricted manoeuverability/confirmed
>>67260 C_A reports collapse of int'l money system imminent
>>67275 #190

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:05 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No.67687 del
>>66447, >>66470 Vyacheslav Volodin: by assisting the Zelensky regime, the United States and Europe become sponsors of nuclear terrorism
>>66449, >>66451, >>66453, >>66454, >>66455 The Swamp Today Monday, October 24, 2022
>>66450 Now that the neocons have abandoned what is left of conservativism for their old friends on the so-called left, they seem to be tormented by the memory of their deeds
>>66456 LIVE: Day 13 - WI v. Darrell Brooks Pt 1 - Waukesha Christmas Parade Trial
>>66462 Archbishop Chaput: ‘Biden is not in communion with the Catholic faith’
>>66466 If this WEF clown Rishi with his 'net zero bollocks' is the next Prime Minister of UK, replacing Truss, God help UK
>>66481 Ah, the superior European culture showing the world how it's done
>>66483 📄 Russian Foreign Ministry's comprehensive 2022 Report on:.....
>>66486 Recall alert: Bob Evans Italian sausage may contain rubber pieces
>>66487 Commonwealth Bank is now tracking YOUR carbon footprint based on how you spend your money - but you can pay to offset it
>>66499 White House "Live" Scheduled Streaming Events for 24OCT22
>>66501 Speaker Pelosi Gives Remarks with Croatian Speaker Gordan Jandroković
>>66503 New York City hospitals were not overrun with COVID patients in 2020
>>66504 DOJ Press Conference at 1:30pm E, U.S. to unveil cases targeting alleged malign foreign influence
>>66508, >>66551 Farage reacts to PM Sunak.
>>66513 China’s Hang Seng Index DOWN -6.36% This Morning
>>66516 Pro-LGBT, pro-abortion Amazon founder Jeff Bezos receives Vatican-backed award for ‘philanthropy’
>>66517 According to the information at hand, two organisations of Ukraine have been ❗ directly ordered to create the so-called #dirtybomb.
>>66518 PF: Med-Gulf-Europe-Activity
>>66522 David Daleiden to pay $2.4M for exposing PP baby parts sales
>>66529, >>66534, >>66549 @AFSpecOpsCmd This particular one is a black hornet nano unmanned aerial vehicle. #AirPower
>>66532 Russian AF 52376 Antonov An-148 NE from Krasnodar depart after about 90m on ground and back to Moscow-Chkalovsky Airport
>>66539 @realDonaldTrump “60 Minutes” is not a News Show, Tom Barrack is a highly respected businessman.....
>>66541 11-9001 USAF E-11A BACN GLEX off Lebanon-from Riyadh and continues to be based outta there recently-normal is Al Dhafra-Dhabi
>>66544 2020 McGill must reckon with the reality of MK Ultra
>>66556 #189

Previously Collected Notables
>>66441 #188
>>62449 #184, >>65623 #185, >>65794 #186, >>66011 #187
>>61309 #181, >>61498 #182, >>61763 #183-A, >>61762 #183-B
>>60321 #177, >>60611 #178, >>60784 #179, >>61053 #180
>>59152 #173, >>59463 #174, >>59674 #175, >>60756 #176

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:07 Id: b3bbbb [Preview] No.67690 del
(175.50 KB 768x994 Not_.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:08 Id: c5b718 [Preview] No.67693 del
Woot Woot!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:09 Id: 6984dc [Preview] No.67694 del
ty baker

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:09 Id: 23173e [Preview] No.67695 del
>>67688 TYB
Evenin' Night Shifters !

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:10 Id: ac9932 [Preview] No.67696 del
(72.89 KB 589x589 1645297378.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:10 Id: e231e1 [Preview] No.67698 del
(83.82 KB 905x905 1660609746958609.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:10 Id: b6bf2f [Preview] No.67699 del
(53.37 KB 598x341 adl.png)
(176.44 KB 720x556 911.jpg)
(97.66 KB 707x1024 talmud.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:11 Id: b3bbbb [Preview] No.67701 del
Romanian defense minister resigns after Ukraine comments
--24 Oct, 2022 15:08--
Romania’s minister of defense, Vasile Dincu, handed in his resignation on Monday after incurring a backlash for publicly suggesting that Ukraine may have to give up some territory in order to end the ongoing military conflict with Russia.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:11 Id: 577a3a [Preview] No.67702 del
(56.28 KB 495x647 605.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:12 Id: 4efba7 [Preview] No.67703 del
(47.98 KB 750x500 Night shift2.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:12 Id: 5a2a92 [Preview] No.67704 del
(3.53 MB 960x540 AOC knockout.mp4)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:13 Id: f22aa2 [Preview] No.67706 del
you have my memes B

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:14 Id: 6984dc [Preview] No.67707 del
(1.02 MB 2592x1944 43935BB.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:14 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No.67708 del
top kek

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:15 Id: b3bbbb [Preview] No.67709 del
How are Patriots to regard those American Soldiers who go to Europe to defend Nazis from Russia?
They shouldn't go.
If they go it means they recognize Bidan as their CIC.
Any anons have any insightful comments regarding^?
Fuck them, is my answer.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:16 Id: 4efba7 [Preview] No.67710 del
(1.83 MB 854x480 MUTLEY LAUGH.mp4)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:18 Id: ac9932 [Preview] No.67711 del
(36.16 KB 700x520 1626801071.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:19 Id: 86c13e [Preview] No.67712 del
Project Veritas interview with AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs twin sister. She says the Dems paid to push Kari Lake as a candidate.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=zIEwxlYqhVM [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:20 Id: e91286 [Preview] No.67713 del
Guess who "me" is
only grp not named

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:20 Id: b6bf2f [Preview] No.67714 del
(102.32 KB 1024x673 Jewkraine.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:20 Id: b3bbbb [Preview] No.67715 del
Fertilizer plant southeast of Moses Lake destroyed by fire
--October 24, 2022 3:38 AM--
MOSES LAKE, Wash. — A fire at the Wilbur-Ellis Fertilizer plant southeast of Moses Lake destroyed the building and kept firefighters busy for hours on Sunday afternoon, Oct. 23.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:20 Id: f5c44d [Preview] No.67716 del
>>67581 (BOTH LB)
>>67646 (BOTH LB)
if yall are still in here...

i love me some Delta fuckery. went ahead and divided this DJT TS delta
6664 / 2 = 3332
which brings us to Q post #3332

we then take the next post with a delta of 1155 and get Q post #1155

Kinda poking us, the first DJT truth post has Q Clock [ Min: 41 | :25/:55 Mir: 9 | 180 Mir: 11 | :35/:05 Mir: 29 ]
then if you look at Qpost 3332 and it has the exact same clock positioning.

DJT 1155 delta has the same clock position as above but with Qpost #1155 it has Q Clock [ Min: 9 | :25/:55 Mir: 41 | 180 Mir: 39 | :35/:05 Mir: 1 ]

we are heading into treacherous seas boys.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:20 Id: 37967b [Preview] No.67717 del
Long time no see, dub dubs.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:21 Id: b49d7f [Preview] No.67718 del
(58.78 KB 720x693 hbj0go4jcfv91.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:21 Id: ff2189 [Preview] No.67719 del
(265.44 KB 1920x1080 FreddieDoge.jpeg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:21 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No.67720 del
nik'd it
save in right folder now

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:22 Id: 2eadcb [Preview] No.67722 del

https://youtube.com/watch?v=_4fr-lJPzG8 [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:22 Id: 8fbb0b [Preview] No.67723 del
Ty Baker

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:22 Id: 11f550 [Preview] No.67724 del
the Black vote seems very Democrat
but they are also getting redpilled or something but then what happens

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:23 Id: b3bbbb [Preview] No.67725 del
(186.26 KB 437x325 Kosher_Nazis.png)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:23 Id: 7a9267 [Preview] No.67727 del
>>67627 l
Texas choice date
wind the clock

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:23 Id: 8fbb0b [Preview] No.67728 del
(73.74 KB 546x500 Red Line Diner-2.jpg)
Evenin' anon

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:24 Id: f22aa2 [Preview] No.67729 del
Canada didn't build those Quarantine Camps for nothing
Almost Show Time

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:24 Id: ac9932 [Preview] No.67730 del
(711.48 KB 3664x2748 100_4193.jpg)
found some nuggets

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:25 Id: f91545 [Preview] No.67731 del
(187.08 KB 473x707 qaggdropimage1233.png)
As we were told will happen.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:25 Id: f5c44d [Preview] No.67732 del
(67.21 KB 473x399 qaggdropimage9.png)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:26 Id: f5c44d [Preview] No.67733 del
hivemind lol. this place is funny.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:27 Id: ff2189 [Preview] No.67734 del
(341.67 KB 500x500 CrazyEyes.png)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:28 Id: ff2189 [Preview] No.67735 del
Freddie blocking my pics again. G'nite anons.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:29 Id: c48bac [Preview] No.67736 del
(8.58 KB 299x168 Riots.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:29 Id: 4148d6 [Preview] No.67737 del
(38.74 KB 255x180 clockeyes.jpeg)

still here. digesting

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:29 Id: b6bf2f [Preview] No.67738 del
(131.60 KB 767x1024 Nasheed.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:29 Id: ac9932 [Preview] No.67739 del
(58.72 KB 1200x600 1128064094.jpg.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:30 Id: b6bf2f [Preview] No.67740 del
(79.19 KB 988x668 Haiti.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:32 Id: e91286 [Preview] No.67742 del
If you're wondering who warned the 10k Chinese Communist Spies in America that their gig is up, ask Merick Gaudland and his ilk.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:33 Id: b6bf2f [Preview] No.67743 del
(128.25 KB 1024x806 jewbanker.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:33 Id: b49d7f [Preview] No.67744 del
Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow - Man on the Silver Mountain
https://youtube.com/watch?v=ORnvO1VyYMk [Embed]
Comfy line music

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:34 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No.67745 del
(132.65 KB 720x987 sunak.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:35 Id: 2eadcb [Preview] No.67746 del
bom shit dere

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:36 Id: 7a9267 [Preview] No.67747 del

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:37 Id: f476fb [Preview] No.67748 del
TYB o7

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:38 Id: b49d7f [Preview] No.67749 del
(499.34 KB 500x416 rorschach2.gif)
Wait... was last bread OPFOR? Oh well, doesn't matter.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:39 Id: ccfc17 [Preview] No.67751 del
(7.42 KB 300x298 tybworkcat.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:39 Id: db6fbd [Preview] No.67752 del
(1.10 MB 1044x589 MG cgi.PNG)
Looks like cgi to me.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:40 Id: f5c44d [Preview] No.67753 del
(47.28 KB 473x413 qaggdropimage1661.png)
Try this on his todays posts, sometimes you get some good ones lol. Plus he has been dropping alot of deltas that have patterns recently and when i chase after them they have some Q posts that connect to what the news is unlocking.

also, this was the next DJT truth next to the 6664 second delta post. heres the clock position, Q Clock [ Min: 26 | :25/:55 Mir: 24 | 180 Mir: 56 | :35/:05 Mir: 44 ]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:40 Id: 2a3211 [Preview] No.67754 del
(860.31 KB 674x453 aoc iron.PNG)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:40 Id: c5b718 [Preview] No.67755 del
Dark to Light, anyone?

5:48 = 17

President Biden
United States government official

This Diwali, may we remember that from darkness there is power in the gathering of light. That the American story depends not on any one of us, but on all of us.

To those celebrating and connecting with one another during this festival of lights: Happy Diwali.

5:48 PM · Oct 24, 2022
·The White House


Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:40 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No.67756 del
vid is old

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:42 Id: ac9932 [Preview] No.67757 del
(539.55 KB 1600x1496 1663866699.jpeg)
total street bitch

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:42 Id: c5b718 [Preview] No.67758 del
Are you bringing light into the world, anons?

President Biden
United States government official

Diwali is a reminder that each of us has the power to dispel darkness and bring light to the world.

It was my pleasure to celebrate this joyous occasion at the White House today.

9:25 PM · Oct 24, 2022
·The White House


Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:43 Id: 37967b [Preview] No.67759 del
(13.14 KB 183x95 GuessThatAss.JPG)
It's not just her tits ya know.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:44 Id: c5b718 [Preview] No.67760 del
Is Dark to Light on the clock?

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:44 Id: 39463d [Preview] No.67761 del
(1.01 MB 1080x547 if.png)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:45 Id: f22aa2 [Preview] No.67762 del
Masonic Code
How curious

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:46 Id: 7e3463 [Preview] No.67763 del
(312.77 KB 1441x1015 LHC.PNG)
(628.47 KB 1172x929 LGNS.png)
Call sign RATS11 circling above Lake Havasu City
Large Hadron Collider

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:47 Id: e50661 [Preview] No.67764 del
(495.98 KB 960x1389 TrumpsCampaign.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:47 Id: b49d7f [Preview] No.67766 del
(53.53 KB 915x515 alstein_aoc.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:48 Id: 7a9267 [Preview] No.67767 del
go all the way
https://youtube.com/watch?v=fxZZp9gBmMk [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:48 Id: ea4889 [Preview] No.67768 del
what happened to the blue eye contacts? or are the brown eyes the lenses ?

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:48 Id: 4f9069 [Preview] No.67769 del

Thanks anon, your work is appreciated. Everything has meaning, we have to decipher for example Dan, is a brilliant anon although a little tardy, has been putting out posts on Jeremy's razors. I am sure this has deeper meaning and he keeps posting it because we are missing something. Here is the definition of Jeremy:

(/ˌdʒɛrɪmi/ JERR-im-EE) is an Anglo-Saxon English male given name of biblical origins. Its meaning is "God will uplift" or "God will unloosen" in various interpretations.

What do you think he is pointing to? thanks

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:49 Id: fc8168 [Preview] No.67770 del
They love their astrology and tomorrow is a new moon.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:49 Id: c5b718 [Preview] No.67771 del
Last sentence equals 17 and interesting Q drop this timestamp corresponds with and "all hands on deck" is interesting as well.

Jill Biden
United States government official

Today, @AmericanCancer is answering the Cancer Moonshot’s call to make progress against two diseases that have taken so many lives: breast and cervical cancer.

Together, we are taking an ‘all hands on deck’ approach to end cancer as we know it.

6:37 PM · Oct 24, 2022


Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:52 Id: 6984dc [Preview] No.67773 del

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:52 Id: b49d7f [Preview] No.67774 del
(877.91 KB 3968x2232 7gdjax7n5mv91.jpg)
Where shills shop for meme material.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:53 Id: c5b718 [Preview] No.67775 del

Dr. Jill in pepe green.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:53 Id: ecda56 [Preview] No.67776 del
hi doc

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:54 Id: 2eadcb [Preview] No.67777 del
neva vote 4 dat bidge

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:54 Id: 4f9069 [Preview] No.67778 del

Indian not Masonic I believe, look at the other pics from Joe. Diwali is the festival of Lights. >>67758 posted at 9:25 and Q post 925

Q !UW.yye1fxo 03/10/2018 14:49:25 ID: ff7ea4
8chan/qresearch: 614954
This is not about religions or party affiliation.
EVIL is everywhere.
There are no drawn lines.
No boundaries.
Good vs Evil.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:56 Id: 8fbb0b [Preview] No.67779 del
Nice call anon

Smoke on the Water

https://youtube.com/watch?v=c6_g4bVRCFo [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:56 Id: 39463d [Preview] No.67780 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=vabnZ9-ex7o [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:58 Id: 4148d6 [Preview] No.67781 del
>>67755 chekk'd

Q2173 DARK TO LIGHT on the Qclock today. 2:20 timestamp delta

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:58 Id: 39463d [Preview] No.67782 del
40 years
Very long time

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:59 Id: e91286 [Preview] No.67783 del
The 12 charged are probably wanted by the CCP because they knew they were going rogue.
Garland might be doing Chyna a favor while also warning the other spies in America.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:59 Id: 1e4522 [Preview] No.67784 del
March along & sing our song, the Army of the Free…

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 01:59 Id: c5b718 [Preview] No.67785 del
President Biden
United States government official

Prices at the pump are down for the second week in a row. And the most common price in the U.S. is back down to $3.49 a gallon.

Folks, we’re moving in the right direction.

9:50 PM · Oct 24, 2022
·The White House


Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:00 Id: b49d7f [Preview] No.67786 del
I won't apologize for fucking with Faux. Perhaps I crossed a line I shouldn't have. Perhaps I stumbled into the 60%. Still not going to apologize.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:00 Id: c5b718 [Preview] No.67787 del

Interesting! Thank you, CF!

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:01 Id: f5c44d [Preview] No.67788 del
(301.25 KB 1405x762 part1.png)
(553.87 KB 1889x795 part2.png)
(32.13 KB 473x231 qaggdropimage82.png)
(19.33 KB 472x321 qpost259.png)
(67.21 KB 473x399 qaggdropimage9 (1).png)
Okay If this >>66786 (OB Clockwork orange) i think i just had an epihiny,
you said: >given the red images, is there a link to RED OCTOBER that we've missed? RIG for RED?

well i was doing it on the Deltas from this range of DJT Truth social posts, note it was posted yesterday.

But taking all the deltas(at the top of each DJT TS, for anyone wanting to understand) into Q posts these struck out to me.

First we have Q post 82, i remebered >given the red images, is there a link to RED OCTOBER that we've missed? RIG for RED?
and thought well shit this delta line up says things need to be solved to understand what is about to happen (i know we know now but double meanings people). So i took that statement and noticed delta 259 and translated into Qpost #259.

Seeing Qpost 259 the thing that struck out to me was RED RED 9/11. but focusing on [RED RED]. so i was like hmm well shit this kinda seems it connects to your thinking of >is there a link to RED OCTOBER that we've missed? RIG for RED?

Then as i posted >>67732 which includes the same pic that DJT delta of 9 which i translated to Q post #9 shows. kinda freaky lol.

then from that i saw delta #3891 from DJt to be interesting cause Q states again RIG for RED.

now this is my epihiny, that was all my thinking behind this.


idk if it makes any sense but it just seems like the missing connection maybe. i was shitting my pants too cause earlier today i was thinking of how important the black vote is historically for democrats and was doing some re reading on alot of my US history books and other readings online about FDR and such.

but i think we need to fucking blast Haiti and red cross connection to the max with memes and anything else to the normies and black communities.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:01 Id: 2eadcb [Preview] No.67789 del
garlund suckin dat yaller dick

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:02 Id: f22aa2 [Preview] No.67790 del
Yeeeeah, I don't Believe your Story

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:05 Id: 4148d6 [Preview] No.67791 del

clocking it now, gimme a few minutes.


Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:05 Id: 37967b [Preview] No.67792 del
Why, TY Brandon.
For draining the SPR down to an inch above zero just in time for the mid terms.
So astutely political of you.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:05 Id: c59b9e [Preview] No.67793 del
>>17705993 /qr/

Rare look: What happened before former Chinese President Hu Jintao was escorted out of Congress?

https://youtube.com/watch?v=ZBG2bD-TE9g [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:07 Id: 2eadcb [Preview] No.67794 del
electric light orchestra
shine a little light

https://youtube.com/watch?v=CZmoT7HsTN4 [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:08 Id: 2a3211 [Preview] No.67795 del
And yer gonna fill the SPR back up when oil hits wut price nao?

Oh right at a price it ain't gonna see
And when those end right? since they do just before election what will you and your handlers say then?
>asking for a fren

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:09 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No.67796 del


Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:10 Id: 432b66 [Preview] No.67797 del
It made me think about AD. Also check the way he walks. pic related thought the same...time will tell...

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:10 Id: 39463d [Preview] No.67798 del
(243.82 KB 476x349 mr.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:12 Id: f5c44d [Preview] No.67799 del
3 second dan the man, ive been looking at those Razor posts since he started with them and their deltas, have seen some nice connections but it was weeks ago and i havent been on here as much.

>(/ˌdʒɛrɪmi/ JERR-im-EE) is an Anglo-Saxon English male given name of biblical origins. Its meaning is "God will uplift" or "God will unloosen" in various interpretations.

this just intuitively feels like he is telling us, that those who do not see the light of god or those who are blanketed in darkness will be shown the light of god or, god will take a bit of the blanket to allow light in.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:13 Id: 2eadcb [Preview] No.67800 del
o7 bakes

kc & sunshine band
get down tonight

https://youtube.com/watch?v=CjnuUDoyn54 [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:26 Id: 318428 [Preview] No.67803 del
Will the real ccp please stand up.
And then get escorted out.
If Poo is really working with white hats, that's what I see.
Timing is everything.
That's why the 10k needed to be warned.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:26 Id: f1b65a [Preview] No.67804 del
(509.09 KB 714x716 CF tards.PNG)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:28 Id: 7a9267 [Preview] No.67806 del
(((they're))) afraid
time is running out
https://youtube.com/watch?v=O2IuJPh6h_A [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:28 Id: 2eadcb [Preview] No.67807 del
under heavy attack

dr hook
cover of the rolling stone

https://youtube.com/watch?v=gUjcjUF-urU [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:30 Id: c5b718 [Preview] No.67808 del

Hey buddy.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:34 Id: 50b0d0 [Preview] No.67810 del
dubz aught chkt
Did anon know a 78 could be played on a Micky Mouse player meant for 45's?

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:34 Id: 50fbda [Preview] No.67811 del
>Rare look: What happened before former Chinese President Hu Jintao was escorted out of Congress?

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:35 Id: 4148d6 [Preview] No.67812 del

QClock Oct 24, 2022: Dark to Light

still wondering about the 911 retweets bit

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:37 Id: b49d7f [Preview] No.67814 del
Want some chicken?

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:37 Id: 2eadcb [Preview] No.67815 del
thats cool

still gots muh first plastic spinny disc adapter thingy for 45s

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:39 Id: 2a3211 [Preview] No.67817 del
>>67625 lb
SAM064 C-40B WH NSO went to JBA-thought it might have been heading to MacDill (CENTCOM) as it spent about 15 hours at Bangor from last nights arrival

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:43 Id: c5b718 [Preview] No.67819 del

Always. Love.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:44 Id: 39463d [Preview] No.67820 del
Can i Taste

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:46 Id: 2eadcb [Preview] No.67821 del
led zeppelin
in through the out door

https://youtube.com/watch?v=QRkTo3WbMMQ [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:49 Id: 39463d [Preview] No.67822 del
(31.97 KB 220x220 milk-milk-meme.gif)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:50 Id: 39463d [Preview] No.67823 del
(3.11 MB 704x848 tweeload_0dfbc268.mp4)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:51 Id: 8fbb0b [Preview] No.67824 del
(62.63 KB 778x960 Kittah wont narc.jpg)
Who broke it?
Come clean, anon won't squeal

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:54 Id: 7a9267 [Preview] No.67825 del
where is my mind
https://youtube.com/watch?v=g5u2uMJa0tY [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:56 Id: 990357 [Preview] No.67826 del

Even Joe mentioned the Light today and asked anons if they are bringing light into this world. The Truth is that we did bring God's Light into this realm back in late October 2013 and it was sent to the Patriots/Trump for the upcoming battle before the 2016 election. I've testified to the Light on 8kun plenty of times before and proved God's intercessions on our behalf such as the Guidestones and more. It would be a great thing for people to see, then they should walk away from wickedness but my experience is that it is hard won by few in the history of mankind. I can elaborate more if your interested.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:57 Id: 2a3211 [Preview] No.67828 del
>>65966 pb
Japan in constant touch with U.S. on currency market, Finance Minister Suzuki says

The Japanese authorities are in constant touch with their U.S. counterparts and stand ready to take appropriate action in the currency market against volatile yen moves, Finance Minister Shunichi Suzuki said on Tuesday.

Suzuki also said he saw no contradiction between the government's yen-buying currency intervention and the Bank of Japan's ultra-loose monetary policy. "The BOJ is responsible for deciding monetary policy," Suzuki told a regular news conference, adding that the central bank's policy is aimed at achieving price stability. The BOJ is set to maintain ultra-low interest rates at its two-day policy meeting ending on Friday. Japan has been conducting yen-buying interventions to address the currency's unwelcome sharp declines, driven in part by the divergence between the BOJ's ultra-loose monetary policy and aggressive interest rate hikes by the U.S. Federal Reserve. Suzuki repeated that the government would not tolerate excessively volatile yen moves driven by speculative trading-(and again he's blaming the short side with "speculators"-no it's not that you have had rates at negative levels (adjusted for even fake inflation) since 2010-the Danes started a few months before the Japanese-no it's NOT that) "If we leave sharply volatile currency moves, driven by speculative trading, unattended, that would affect companies and households," Suzuki said.

He also said Japan's yen-buying intervention is aimed at smoothing market volatility, signalling that Tokyo was not targeting a specific currency level in deciding when to step into the market to buy yen.
(Watch our 10/30y US Notes-that why the ten year shot up last week prior-they sold it for the Friday and Sunday night ops-but blamed it on FED head jaw-boning last week and the 0.25% level became support on it's chart last week and still the same nao)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:57 Id: 39463d [Preview] No.67829 del
I sweated in a minute last 5 minutes

Whys that

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:57 Id: 50b0d0 [Preview] No.67830 del
skeerd shirtless as she should be

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:59 Id: 2eadcb [Preview] No.67831 del
powerful shit anon

https://youtube.com/watch?v=DdCYMvaUcrA [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 02:59 Id: b49d7f [Preview] No.67832 del
(225.48 KB 1080x1278 6jm2del9d9871.jpg)
Clams, not muscles. Sorry, actual faggots.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:00 Id: d13e85 [Preview] No.67833 del
just baked on qr:
cannot post on old bread at all, new one - a little.
Locked the old, opened the new
here it is:

fresh bread

Must leave, wanted to safeguard collected notes.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:00 Id: 4efba7 [Preview] No.67834 del

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:00 Id: ac9932 [Preview] No.67835 del
(1.48 MB 2048x2048 1662131799.png)
>joe was speaking to the anons

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:00 Id: b49d7f [Preview] No.67836 del
>>67832 (me)
INB4 GrammaKitty

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:00 Id: 8fbb0b [Preview] No.67837 del
Wouldn't it be nice to roll the clock back?
Good times they were
Turns out there's worse things than being young and broke.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=kln_bIndDJg [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:01 Id: d13e85 [Preview] No.67838 del
whoops, that mod link won't help.

fresh bread

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:03 Id: f22aa2 [Preview] No.67839 del
That would be the Source getting a Hold on you
Stay Positive when it Comes
World Building is a serious thing

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:08 Id: 2a3211 [Preview] No.67840 del

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:09 Id: 2eadcb [Preview] No.67841 del
misd that
lubs smoke over water

idk anon
it made us who we are today

good old days

dey wudnt so good
and we wudnt so old

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:14 Id: a7c5cd [Preview] No.67843 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=U9t-slLl30E [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:14 Id: 92bd2a [Preview] No.67844 del
Wooohooo storm hitting, hail pinging off front windows.. under 10' porch... rweeee

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:14 Id: 7a9267 [Preview] No.67845 del
I was a coffin...
https://youtube.com/watch?v=IdYJuY0ZRjU [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:15 Id: b3bbbb [Preview] No.67846 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=klLniWq-edQ [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:17 Id: 37967b [Preview] No.67848 del
That bit of info pinpoints your location as being anywhere along the line from San Antonio through Austin to just east of DFW.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:21 Id: 6025e9 [Preview] No.67849 del
(12.84 KB 255x204 Deck.jpg)

Here is an example of that: In one post he mentioned "All hands on Deck". God once woke me up shouting words I never ever heard or spoke before, simultaneously there was a blackout in the South China Sea over an 8k mile radius. I had the vision that our troops were being targeted with a Havannah like radiation from pop up cell towers triangulating on us. I was on a deck with hundreds if not thousands of troops behind me on a carrier. My wife came in fuming because I startled her to near death saying she was going to have me institutionalized. This pic was from 8 kun from that incident. We will succeed because God is with us, no doubt in my mind.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:22 Id: 50fbda [Preview] No.67850 del
Interview with Wozniak
>1,027 views | Nov 28, 2013 | CNA
We go one-on-one with "The Woz". Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak shares the ups and downs of his journey, that's helped to define the computer revolution.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=oQmeq6QvamE [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:22 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No.67851 del
>>67701 Romanian defense minister resigns after Ukraine comments
>>67712 Project Veritas interview with AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs twin sister. She says the Dems paid to push Kari Lake as a candidate
>>67731, >>67732 Black Vote/Q's
>>67741 Kanye dropped by his lawyer and talent agency over anti semitic remarks
>>67742, >>67752, >>67783 If you're wondering who warned the 10k Chinese Communist Spies in America that their gig is up, ask Merick Gaudland and his ilk.
>>67755, >>67781 Dark to Light/Potatus/on the clock Kek
>>67763 Call sign RATS11 circling above Lake Havasu City
>>67771 flauxtus "all hands on deck"/Q
>>67812 QClock Oct 24, 2022: Dark to Light
>>67817 SAM064 C-40B WH NSO went to JBA-thought it might have been heading to MacDill (CENTCOM) as it spent about 15 hours at Bangor from last nights arrival
>>67828 Japan in constant touch with U.S. on currency market, Finance Minister Suzuki says

lemme know

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:23 Id: 92bd2a [Preview] No.67852 del
Damn skippy.. thing is im remote like a scratcher.. neber hits the news until after.
Post Oak Savanah, on the edge of hill county.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:23 Id: 36c4ab [Preview] No.67853 del
(101.37 KB 833x500 emergency now.jpg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:26 Id: 8fbb0b [Preview] No.67854 del
>it made us who we are today
good old days
dey wudnt so good
and we wudnt so old

Aye, tis true.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=VcmJThaACHQ [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:26 Id: ac9932 [Preview] No.67855 del
bat shit crazy
and his bat shit crazy friends
in other words business as usual

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:26 Id: 37967b [Preview] No.67856 del
kek well played
Same storm system, but much further up the line to the NE of ya.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:30 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No.67859 del
no one fills an album like this band
great tunez every time

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:30 Id: bc7076 [Preview] No.67860 del
(26.92 MB 320x240 jerryshit.mp4)
>>67513 pb
speaking of that
'Hey Nadler you shit your pants'
'God Wins, You Lose."

looks like he and his entourage were unprepared

'Vote Mike Z and get ten of your friends.'
It could happen
It would be an anti "the Penguin" Nadler vote.. Lots of people hate him.
Remember none of these have ever really been elected, it's all fake voting machines, the candidate has to pay for.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:31 Id: ba702d [Preview] No.67861 del
Please be open around 7 or 7:30 tmrw morning. I’m chatty when I wake up and like spending my mornings with the anons. Thanks for your consideration.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:33 Id: 37967b [Preview] No.67862 del
kek maybe Spammer will see your post and have mercy

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:33 Id: 92bd2a [Preview] No.67863 del
Texas yuge :p
Fox named smirk, lol, before smirk was a thing.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:33 Id: c48bac [Preview] No.67864 del

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:34 Id: 7c3f84 [Preview] No.67865 del
Is there a new link for the Authentigator?

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:35 Id: b3bbbb [Preview] No.67866 del
That's fukken awesome!
>In other news
Orban vows to defend Hungary from EU
--24 Oct, 2022--
Hungary has always resisted empires and outlived them, Prime Minister Viktor Orban has outlined while speaking about attempts by the EU to pressure Budapest.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:35 Id: f22aa2 [Preview] No.67867 del
Throes of death
Spiraling Down
Into Oblivion

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:37 Id: 7a9267 [Preview] No.67869 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=XgOU6MtTblA [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:39 Id: 37967b [Preview] No.67870 del
>From the limited edition of Q, The Lost Drops
Notice I said protect the vote in 2018.
Didn't say anything about 2020, niggas.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:40 Id: b3bbbb [Preview] No.67872 del
I taught U luvd me
Now I am sad AND bleeding
Sakura blossom

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:42 Id: b3bbbb [Preview] No.67873 del
(244.71 KB 400x200 1382064249577.gif)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:44 Id: 8fbb0b [Preview] No.67874 del
(394.36 KB 1226x837 Be The Wheat.jpg)
(1.02 MB 1150x1150 Full Armor of God.png)
Attila the Hun, aka: The Scourge of God
Why the bad rap for Attila? He dindu nuthin, was more honorable than the Western/Eastern Roman Empire.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:45 Id: 7a9267 [Preview] No.67875 del
Robin Gibb
I started a joke
https://youtube.com/watch?v=TvfqSHmdtP0 [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:47 Id: 204d74 [Preview] No.67877 del

I just went outside for a break and noticed I heard it raining on my roof tile yet there are no trees above it but when I stepped away from the house, there was no rain. Brought my wife out and she wouldn't give it the proper consideration yet she has seen the un-explainable happen before. It is just too hard for people to believe god can do all these things. I went into my back yard to inspect and I could see a small puddle that was getting small drops but when I went close to it, nothing. When I moved away, it started again.

I know these things are too hard for you to believe because you are not the primary witness but here is one for you. Pence and Trump drank from a Fiji bottle before there was an earthquake that went through Fiji first and then terminated under the 3 gorges dam thereby deforming it and leaving 3 cracks as a warning by God to stop selling adrenochrome on Alibaba. It's all archived on 8 kun.

I can assure you that when you die, you will call out for God. Listen to me as if I am your best friend in the world and a witness:

What you feed will truly live and what you starve will truly die.

If you mock, you feed the mocker.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:47 Id: 7a9267 [Preview] No.67878 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=YaiatsT3x9g [Embed]
Pasty song

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:48 Id: f8db5c [Preview] No.67879 del
>That's fukken awesome!
You do realize it has the Ukrainian Moloch symbol on his helmet? They are co-opting Pepe

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:49 Id: 7c3f84 [Preview] No.67880 del

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:50 Id: 1b396c [Preview] No.67881 del
(52.58 KB 760x752 ciaterrorism8.jpg)
c-a is someone else's fren?
they collude with WEF and WHO to kill seniors, why would they save one.
In fact, do they ever catch any crime?
foreigners wonder about it, like, (if they don't know better, like you) 'what the hell are they supposed to be doing anyway'

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:52 Id: a7c5cd [Preview] No.67882 del
(11.80 MB 640x420 clown.mp4)
Oh no dey dien't. Dey turned Pepe nazi.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:52 Id: b49d7f [Preview] No.67883 del
(28.27 KB 474x425 th-1497075839.jpg)
Yeh like dags?

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:56 Id: 8fbb0b [Preview] No.67884 del
Killary was running with that bs in 2016.
Pepe came a long way, from her imagined racist frog to a Nazi frog. Smells like Media Matters

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 03:57 Id: 5f5248 [Preview] No.67885 del
(200.91 KB 458x498 Puck_Pelosi.PNG)
[yellow journalism]

Pelosi scheduled to leave the country day after the election November 9
Pelosi’s Middle East Tea Leaves
Tara Palmeri
October 20, 2022

Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to leave the country shortly after the election—on November 9, in fact, literally the next day. This has many of the tea-leaf readers surrounding her interpreting that she will not be whipping the votes to run for leader while she’s away on a state visit. The location of the visit is in the Middle East, but her office claims I will jeopardize her security if I report the exact location, which I obviously do not want to do, even though her trip to Taiwan was highly publicized in advance.
Of course, the real political animals in D.C. don’t really care where Pelosi is landing on her legacy tour, they’re just analyzing the political calculations. Pelosi doesn’t need to physically be on the Hill to line up her leadership in the next congress. She can just pick up the phone. But will she be on the line all night calling up members for support while she’s in a foreign country, charting out her legacy as a stateswoman? “If she makes calls the day after the election, that means she wants to stay in the game,” said a source with knowledge. “If she doesn’t make calls, that means that she’s allowing them to define their leadership structure and she’ll support whoever they coalesce around.”
The overwhelming consensus, as I’ve reported many times before, is that Pelosi is less inclined to give it another go. Some saw the January 6 committee’s footage of her heroic actions to try to stop the Capitol from being ransacked, as captured by her documentarian daughter Alexandra Pelosi, as an indicator that she plans to stick around. Others say the real action happens the week following the election when Congress returns to D.C. But a whole week can create a vacuum for the next-gen Hakeem Jeffries/Katherine Clark/Pete Aguilar package to jump in and make her decision for her.


Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:03 Id: 8fbb0b [Preview] No.67886 del
(126.09 KB 831x832 Halloween witch.png)
(306.03 KB 700x740 MAGA keks.png)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:04 Id: 906009 [Preview] No.67888 del
https://youtube.com/watch?v=4AWLcxTGZPA [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:05 Id: 5f5248 [Preview] No.67889 del
(115.75 KB 251x234 Zero Cents_meme.PNG)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:06 Id: b49d7f [Preview] No.67890 del
(207.81 KB 1079x1336 SmN06tN1jwls.jpeg)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:08 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No.67893 del
lotsa non-cents floatin round these days
how many in congress again?

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:08 Id: 8fbb0b [Preview] No.67894 del
Joe Biden gets lost in his own garden: More worrying footage shows president ask 'where do we go?' and look confused after tree planting event for White House groundskeeper
President Joe Biden, 79, appeared confused as he tried to make his way back to the White House following a tree-planting event for the groundskeeper Monday
Biden and First Lady Jill Biden planted an elm tree in honor of Dale Haney, the chief White House groundskeeper who marked 50 years on the job
Footage posted on Twitter showed the president being turned around after he was going the wrong way on the White House grounds
It's just one of several awkward moments Biden has had in the past few months, some of which have called his declining health into question
Last week, the president struggled to get off stage after his speech in Pittsburgh
In September, Biden was seen wandering about the UN stage after a speech and in August, he struggled to put on his coat and his wife had to help him

October 24, 2022

Sauce/more: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11350297/More-worrying-footage-shows-Biden-looking-confused-tree-planting-event-White-House.html

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:08 Id: e231e1 [Preview] No.67895 del
(6.70 MB 1242x2688 FpZxFlTKLsbp.png)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:11 Id: 270315 [Preview] No.67896 del
War Pigs - AI illustrating every lyric

https://youtube.com/watch?v=N_HEdDFGfhI [Embed]

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:18 Id: a7c5cd [Preview] No.67897 del
(86.06 MB 1280x720 Fuddy Crash Footage .mp4)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:18 Id: 283734 [Preview] No.67898 del
>>67858, >>67866,
>>67879, >>67884
>symbol on his helmet? They are co-opting Pepe

~ R~
~ R~

The map is the key.
Find the keystone.
What holds everything together?
~{ I see bread people / multi-means $0R0$ khzar$ blood-$$$ }~

RED RED 9/11.
Funds raised vs distributed?
7/10 plane crashes are targeted kills.
{ plane crash in [UK~raine-e ?$?$?] }~
Those in the know never sleep. { = Orban }



Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:19 Id: b3595e [Preview] No.67899 del
what's with the pin-hole pupils?

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:21 Id: b3595e [Preview] No.67900 del
where is the red cross?
good question.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:23 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No.67901 del
Last Call

>>67701 Romanian defense minister resigns after Ukraine comments
>>67712 Project Veritas interview with AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs twin sister. She says the Dems paid to push Kari Lake as a candidate
>>67731, >>67732 Black Vote/Q's
>>67741 Kanye dropped by his lawyer and talent agency over anti semitic remarks
>>67742, >>67752, >>67783 If you're wondering who warned the 10k Chinese Communist Spies in America that their gig is up, ask Merick Gaudland and his ilk.
>>67755, >>67781 Dark to Light/Potatus/on the clock Kek
>>67763 Call sign RATS11 circling above Lake Havasu City
>>67771, >>67868 flauxtus "all hands on deck"/Q
>>67812 QClock Oct 24, 2022: Dark to Light
>>67817 SAM064 C-40B WH NSO went to JBA-thought it might have been heading to MacDill (CENTCOM) as it spent about 15 hours at Bangor from last nights arrival
>>67828 Japan in constant touch with U.S. on currency market, Finance Minister Suzuki says
>>67866 Orban vows to defend Hungary from EU
>>67885 Pelosi scheduled to leave the country day after the election November 9

czech em

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:27 Id: a7c5cd [Preview] No.67902 del
That evil witch is tippy top.

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:28 Id: 5f5248 [Preview] No.67903 del
(195.70 KB 458x498 Pelosi_sock_puppet.png)

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:38 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No.67905 del

>>67701 Romanian defense minister resigns after Ukraine comments
>>67712 Project Veritas interview with AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs twin sister. She says the Dems paid to push Kari Lake as a candidate
>>67731, >>67732 Black Vote/Q's
>>67741 Kanye dropped by his lawyer and talent agency over anti semitic remarks
>>67742, >>67752, >>67783 If you're wondering who warned the 10k Chinese Communist Spies in America that their gig is up, ask Merick Gaudland and his ilk.
>>67755, >>67781 Dark to Light/Potatus/on the clock Kek
>>67763 Call sign RATS11 circling above Lake Havasu City
>>67771, >>67868 flauxtus "all hands on deck"/Q
>>67812 QClock Oct 24, 2022: Dark to Light
>>67817 SAM064 C-40B WH NSO went to JBA-thought it might have been heading to MacDill (CENTCOM) as it spent about 15 hours at Bangor from last nights arrival
>>67828 Japan in constant touch with U.S. on currency market, Finance Minister Suzuki says
>>67866 Orban vows to defend Hungary from EU
>>67885 Pelosi scheduled to leave the country day after the election November 9

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:42 Id: 063ae5 [Preview] No.67909 del

Anonymous 10/25/2022 (Tue) 04:42 Id: 8fbb0b [Preview] No.67910 del
Muh tastes are odd. Always hated Neil Young (&Dylan) always loved Petty.

https://youtube.com/watch?v=Y1D3a5eDJIs [Embed]

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