Anonymous 01/15/2022 (Sat) 02:47:55 No.28336 del
cool story warning

>PC starts randomly shutting down, rebooting or going into hibernation mode, usually under load
>continues to do it multiple times a day to the point that I have enough and start troubleshooting
>PSU is the first suspect, since I'm using a chinese one I bought like 7 years ago
>clean it using compressed air, make the fan spin manually (it was fine), open up the PSU (yolo), clean it again, put it back in
>no go
>as I'm trying to reproduce the problem and monitoring temps I notice the CPU temp climbed to 100° C and the PC shut down a couple seconds after that
>presumably it reached 103°, which is the limit, before the program had a chance to update the numbers
>think to myself "alright I found the problem, I just need to check the heatsink"
>heatsink is fine, but there's zero thermal paste left between it and the cpu
>go for a walk and buy some (I fully expected businesses in this town to not carry thermal paste but miraculously one of them did)
>look up a dozen tutorials before applying it because I've never actually done this before and I don't want to embarrass myself
>get the quantity more or less right, not perfect but not bad for a first try
>cooler is an absolute nightmare to mount, break a couple of its plastic legs in the process
>test it out
>temps are much better now, only goes up to like 86° under max load

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