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The church of Pöstlingberg, Linz, Austria.
Pöstlingberg is the name of the mount over which the church is built.
Before the church was built, the mount became a place of pilgrimage, because of an icon of Mary of Sorrows. In 1716 a lay friar from the Capuchin monastery of Urfahr did bring the icon of Mary to the mount Pöstlingberg and placed the icon next to the cross which at that time was at the peak of the mount. In 1720 the place became a destination of pilgrimage, and a chapel was built to host the icon of Mary.
The church started to be built in 1742, and was consecrated in 1786.
In 1919 and 1963 the roof of the church was destroyed by fires.
In 1964 the church was elevated at the rank of minor basilica.
(the church rank defines the priority and precedence of the religious edifice for important regional/national ceremonies and rites)