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>did you micromanage too much or is it something else?
That and also I did several magic and energy draining things at once and didn't notice how it affects me. My thinking was that if I don't have enough energy for a spell it just doesn't work. Well they gathered energy otherwise. Regular beginner magic mistakes. You can do multiple spells at once it just you need to watch over the energy flow.
And don't worry about shortcuts. Sometimes you need to make a mistake to figure out how things work.

I am at the absolute beginning of yoga and didn't go to classes so what I have is random youtube videos. I always wanted to go to a class but something always obstructed me in my life. Now I have a better feel of the energy movement and of my body and more time to practice it.
So about the chakra locks. You lock the chakra so the muscles try to push the energy out but strengthen instead of draining the energy?
Currently I was using a high energy flow to flush out everything that might obstruct the flow of energies so I can get a better control of my body.

When you mentioned how every chakra has 7 spikes and I tried to open further. I got a vision how it works.
It looked like my body is made up of these nuts (silly english name).
They were stacked on each other and as you moved a muscle they moved. And yoga let's you do a "combination move" that "unlocks" them. Now here came the problem. Now that I have seen how they are clogged I could clean the dark energy from it so they can flow naturally. Ever since that my energies are a little disorganized that is why I am perfecting it. The only reason why I can think "locking a chakra" is beneficial because as it is locked as you do the exercises it will puch against the lock and it will make the chakra wider. And once you unlock it you can get a "wider" energy flow.