Sunflower 06/23/2022 (Thu) 05:12:53 No.1657 del
> I can copy his mentality, but then I have to maintain that and train for 10 years and have the same original DNA as him.
Wouldn't it be possible to copy his muscle memory instead?
Would still need to train but considering how many people do squats wrong before correcting it, it would be very useful data.
I guess you'd need the same body type at least to make use of that..

>then start altering it and eventually take over.
so it's different from deep hypnosis ?
What happens to the person if they're not "empty".

>Which is better?
I get it.
this would be very useful in everyday life too, like dealing with government officials.

>Well they gathered energy otherwise.
Oh heard about that before, amusingly even some fictions have a form of magic sickness.

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