Sunflower 06/23/2022 (Thu) 20:05:13 Id: 8fb419 No.1659 del
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I don't know anymore if I am still on the vampire path or on a whole different thing or both but...

Does anyone know how is that circle thingy behind deities called? Because I developed one?
Months ago it tried to rip me apart because it was full of karma or something. I thought it's an overgrown 0 particle or something like that. Was experimenting with portals and Ouroboros kind of 0 particles anyway so didn't pay too much attention to it. I thought the goal is to have a full circle which is bigger than your human body as the end result.

But today something was stinging me in the shoulder. I thought it's a wing or an another hand trying to manifest again. But it was this way too big "halo". If I put my hands together above my head to form a 0 it creates an extremely pleasant energy flow and as I move my hand I can direct it to other places.
Does it have a name? Or it's part of a technique?

It looks like some well known thing but I have no idea how to even look for it.