Sunflower 08/05/2022 (Fri) 22:59:23 Id: 9c4a18 No.1864 del
It works because the vampire is reborn from "the goddess of vampirism", replacing the original connection down here, if you cut it. It looks kind of silly and a bit vulgar, maybe it's a joke, but it's there in its new form. It may reflect from your own world of concepts, what form it has. Your ancestral connections become external to yourself at this point, they're messy and vague, but if you were to pick up any tantric practice you would still be able to use it. There's a repeating pattern in it, which can look very scary when seen in full, or even just slightly outside the everyday human perspective. Imagine the repetitive process of women giving birth to the new generation, and all of them lined up. It doesn't look like your self centered view at all, because you grow up remembering your mother, who was relatively young when giving birth to you. But in the image, women are irrelevant after that moment, as whatever they do after that is not part of the long line, tied together with knots for every new generation. It's the same for the men, they are irrelevant after the act of impregnation, the egregore doesn't include them. When looking at this aspect of the human circulation, the personal life of an individual is a complete waste if they were not practicing spiritually.