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I'm assuming this thread is for everybody, so I'm writing a small post inspired by what I've read. Not intended as a direct response or anything. If this thread is for one poster only, please move or delete this.

I watched the original "you will own nothing and you will be happy" talk back in the day before it went viral.
It was a talk by a politician lady who was describing an idea for a city of the future, where citizens did not own superfluous things, but rather the city had vehicles, tools, equipment..., which were free for any citizen to use, like checking books out of a library. The idea was that this would avoid duplicating unnecessary use of resources. One of the examples she used was that of a drill. We all have one, and we seldom use it. What if we just borrowed it from the city hall whenever we needed to do renovations at home?
That is where the "you will own nothing" line came from. It was clickbait, and it backfired hard. Here's the article she originally wrote:

The talk eventually got lost in the noise of the internet and the introductory promo video became a meme. Despite the scenario described in the article not being an official WEF talking point, it does align with most scenarios they describe whenever one of their members talks about the future. It is very present in the collective unconscious. Like with everything, there's an utopic and a dystopic version of that potential future.
Ironically, conspiracy theorists losing sleep over its negative version is one of the ways it will become a reality. The WEF have no intention or power to implement such a system because it is not stable. Slaves should always believe they are free.