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>I'm assuming this thread is for everybody
I want to practice my writing without any demand to make sense. Expecting criticism or writing with a critical audience in mind can be a hindrance, so let's keep the thread "mindless". Anyone can write in it.

>a talk by a politician lady who was describing an idea for a city of the future, where citizens did not own superfluous things, but rather the city had vehicles, tools, equipment..., which were free for any citizen to use, like checking books out of a library
It's a common "green" idea, perhaps originating in Germany where some cities are experimenting with car-free inner cities - the ideal being personal transportation using a circular monorail with stops at the entry point of each sector.

The quote isn't bad, but it's a meme. It can also be used to refer to transmaterialization
>Transmaterialization is a strange word, but the process is a new phenomenon not easily recognized by most people. Sometimes called ’servicizing‘ or ’product service systems,’ defined simply, it’s the process of turning a product into a service.

You don't need to own a washing machine if you can hire someone to do the washing for you, for example. The use in my post above was with a bit of artistic sarcasm. It can be good if done right.