Sunflower 01/25/2023 (Wed) 16:53 Id: 4e81cf No.2834 del
>I actually don't understand what either of you are talking about most of the time, or your motivations, but in individual cases where we are directly looking at something, we can communicate about it.
I feel like there's a disconnect in our levels of awakening and in life experience, I feel like you were "born awake" and never really saw this world with "mundane eyes", also your morality may be very different to what I'm used to and from the morality of "modern times", especially considering your past lives.

>He first asked for 2000 years of servitude in exchange for the contract.
Do you know what servitude entails? Cause I'm don't and it seems dangerous to me, but I know that you know better than me.

>This board would probably not know the existence of Lucifuge if he didn't scare you constantly. We are not big on demonology. I am not for sure.
Makes sense to me. I didn't plan on getting involved with demons at first, I just kept watching videos on them, and I guess that's how I attracted them. I did have a morbid curiosity to know what it was all about since I was seeing people praise them a lot on youtube.

>But yeah refuse material "gifts". No... Realize why you don't want those. If there is an "urge" or "craving" within you towards those they can exploit it.
Yeah, I think that's spot on.

>I think anon has bad self confidence right now
>Yeah I don't know how to help him with that. That is why I am saying all this bullshit.

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