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>You were quite silent for a while. Where do you consider things starting "weird" because what you wrote is more or less the "usual" if I go by the experiences you shared so far.
Yeah, there wasn't really much for to say and i didnt have anything seemingly substantial to report on. But answer your question, i guess the "weirdness" for me is how less aggressive they are with things, i mean they still are and will show me their aggression but it feels like its not as much as a hair trigger with them so to speak

>Might be some energetic cleansing. If the "ex" reappears we might look into it further.
that's probably it, there were a few times some years back when they came in this form but i guess it's just tying up whatever loose ends with the cleansing thats there. i remember a bit more of the recent encounter
>apart from being stuck in what was a convenience store with her and some other stuff, i went to get a soft drink from the fountain and felt some crawling in my mouth
>it was a literal fucking maggot, said ex and some guys were there smiling until i took the shat out of my mouth and discarded the drink
>she then started to get real horny and tried to ask me to impregnate her
>while it was somewhat arousing i ultimately said no (for obvious reasons) plus even if i were to stick my dick in crazy it WOULD NOT be with her
>then my sisters came in and fetched me

>But yes your void dimension is peculiar. I might need a little adjustment to see it. If anything interesting happens might look into it.
i have vague feeling... this might not have been first time i was in there.

>Vamps can mindcontrol you without tasting your blood. When they bite you (non violently) it usually establishes a "kinship" of sorts. Your energies balance out. You become temporal blood relative. It can be abused ofc but no need to worry about that now. You are not that easy to abuse. While her techniques are somewhat "vampiric" she is not exactly those we work with around here. Feels "velvety" and their magic has a different feel.
ahhh okay, she was oddly nice(?) and i think i was with someone when she bit me but i kinda left them behind to follow her and see what she wanted with me. cant remember what happened afterward though