Sunflower 04/02/2024 (Tue) 22:39 Id: b51ff3 No.7085 del
>was... the ocaen/sea pitch black?
Yes. It was outside the color range therefore black until you awaken senses that can "see" in that color range. Then as I accepted it it started to become a "dark velvet purple" of sorts. And when I "breathed" in lights and other forms started to appear in the distance.

Hard to explain. It is like the "subconscious of your soul". Once you bridge your internal parts better their function will appear. What they taught you is a sort of energy body muscle reflex of sorts and etiquette? Guess the next time you go there you will be able to behave and move the way it's good and proper there.

>the lady who dragged me into the void dimension looked roughly like pic related
Did she have those red marks on her body? If you notice any kind of markings on the body like that pls mention it. With that it's easy to trace entities.

Also it's late for me so I am going to meditate. Unlocking energetic "gills" just shifted my perspective enough so I have to look into these changes further.