Anonymous 01/02/2019 (Wed) 15:45:01 No.13083 del
>but I don't think default bootstrap crap is it.
Fair enough, I don't think stock Bootstrap is that great either.
>I thought you would fix it eventually but it's been like a week and it's still the same.
I'm just one man juggling running the site itself with all the different feature requests different anons give plus obviously other non-imageboard-related responsibilities - I'm no superhero. I'll ideally get to theming by the end of this week. If you look at the commit log I've been actively adding other features people have requested for a while now.
>If you think the opinion of people on 4chan /g/ is worth anything, sure.
Any other boards you think I should pull advice from? One of the really nice things about /g/ is the number of people there means I can get feedback very quickly compared to other places. We can go back and forth about the quality of the feedback, but the turnaround speed remains. I'm quite open to pulling feedback from other places, though (like here).
>But from your choice of captcha I'm sure that's exactly your target audience.
I've noted before that reCAPTCHA was a quick interim solution meant to ward off spamming. After I finish implementing signups, Futatsu won't have any CAPTCHAs to speak of, though I'll keep the reCAPTCHA functionality in Maniwani itself. Sorry to hear reCAPTCHA v3 doesn't like you, though. Try to hang tight for a bit longer and it should be gone.