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Vuecoin Anonymous 09/16/2021 (Thu) 05:59:05 [Preview] No. 14834
VUECOIN | Mankinds Journey to the Stars | Next 1000x Potential Coin πŸš€ | Presale September ANNOUNCED TELEGEGRAM

THE 'UNRUGGABLE' VR PROJECT. The primary purpose of this coin is to assist young enthusiasts globally so they can realise and achieve their dreams helping to further mankind’s journey to the stars.

How to find us

Telegram - https://t.me/Vuetoken

Twitter - https://twitter.com/Vuecoin

Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/vuecoin

Website - https://vuecoin.io

Tokenomics: 12% total transaction fee compromising of:

πŸ’° 4% distributed to all holders in $DaddyDoge.

πŸ’° 2% added to the liquidity pool

πŸ’° 6% sent to a marketing/dev wallet

As soon as the world starts to know what VUE is, nothing can stop us. Join us, spread the word and enjoy your the ride πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€

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