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Welcome to the /tripk/. This chan was made for our discord users to use without having a name connected to them.

Discord: No longer public. Ask another users on the board as we are using a friend of a friend system now to avoid niggers.
GhostPolitics: /
Endchan onion: http://endchancxfbnrfgauuxlztwlckytq7rgeo5v6pc2zd4nyqo3khfam4ad.onion/


For the newcomers, to reply to a post click on the post number you wish to reply to you should see the number in the reply box now. There is no need to input a email, subject, or password for replying. Enter your text in the reply box and upload and photos or videos you'd like to have connected to your reply. Once finished click New reply. To make a thread go to the boards homepage and enter a subject at the top, no need for a email or password. Enter your text in the comment section, upload at least one photo or video, and click New Topic.
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